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June 22, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Munich, Germany

Q. How was that 6-under?
SERGIO GARCIA: I felt pretty good. Obviously trying to recover from jet-lag last week. A little bit of a tweak on my back that I got last Friday and still kind of dealing with it a little bit. But the good thing is it doesn't bother me when I play, a little bit when I walk. But I felt like I hit a lot of good shots. Didn't put myself under a whole lot of stress, and you know, very happy with the 6-under.

Q. Do you feel as though it's a golf course this week that you have to go low, but you have to hit it close because from 20, 25 feet, these poa annua greens are going to be tough to hole from long-range?
SERGIO GARCIA: Definitely, they are tricky. A lot of putts look like they are going to break and they don't from inside eight or nine feet, and sometimes it's not easy to commit to your lines. You definitely need to hit the ball as close as possible to give yourself an easier chance of making some of the putts on these greens.

Q. Ever since you've been a young boy, the expectation has been with you, and now you've got the green jacket. Do you feel as though you don't worry now about expectation, because it's always been on you, the expectation?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, it's always been there, and I don't. I don't at all. I think before, before we won the Masters, I always said it, the only thing I can do is work hard and put myself in that situation and hope that one day I feel great and things kind of go my way like it did this year at Augusta in April. You know, the next goal is to keep doing the same thing this week and then in four weeks at The Open. That's what we're trying to do.

Q. 6-under par, how was it?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was great. I felt like I played quite well, not spectacular, but very consistent throughout the whole day. I was very happy to see some of the shots I hit and some of the putts I made and very happy with my 6-under.

Q. All bits of the game seem to be good but your distance, especially good today.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, my wedge game was good. I hit a lot of wedge shots close to the hole. I drove the ball nicely. I hit a lot of fairways, which helps on this golf course. Because of that, I was able to give myself some good birdie chances and convert some of them, so I was very pleased with that.

Q. Overall, very happy with the round?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yes, yes, obviously very, very happy with the round. You know, there's still three more to go, so we're going to keep playing hard and hopefully we'll have some more like this and we'll be up there on Sunday.

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