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May 20, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Irving, Texas

Q. Sergio, what happened out there on the back-9 three in a row ending WITH one, you come home in 29. WHAT clicked?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah. Well, I wasn't that far off on the front. I hit some -- I hit some really good shots starting probably on the 5th and unfortunately hit some good putts that didn't go in.

Then finally on the back-9 I kept hitting good shots and started rolling some putts in and it all comes down to that, giving yourself chances and rolling a couple putts here and there, get a little momentum and confidence and made a great par save on 14 that kept my round going and was able to finish with three good ones.

Q. Here we are right in the contest with 18 to go. Trying to join Sam Snead and Tom Watson as three-time winners here and try to defend your title.
Did you have a number in mind today when you teed off or just, hey, I'm going to go make birdies?

SERGIO GARCIA: I told Angela I wanted to shoot maybe 5-under or more, you know, at least 5-under and see what happened with the guys on top of this lead. The guys on top shoot 5, 6-under, okay, but if they didn't, I could kind of sneak a little bit closer and have a chance tomorrow.

Still going to be a little bit far away but, you know, if I can play the same way I played the last couple of days and hopefully put another good round, see what happens.

Q. Sergio, great round today. You mentioned the par save on 14 might have been the glue that kept that round together and the a bunch of birdies on the back-9.
Talk about that.

SERGIO GARCIA: Yes. No doubt about it because I was coming off three birdies. I was getting my round going. Obviously didn't hit a good tee shot with a 3-iron and decided to chip out because I didn't really have much of a shot and made a great up and down from 112 yards or something like that. That kind of, even though it was a par, it kept my momentum going.

I gave myself a good chance on the next, hit a great putt and just barely missed and then, you know, played the last three holes really, really well with some really good shots and some great putts coming in there.

Q. Sergio, at any point did you realize what was happening on the leaderboard, Jason was coming on?
SERGIO GARCIA: I saw that he was 10 but it was early in the round, obviously when we were on 13 or something like that I seen -- they were probably on 6 or 7, so they still had a lot of holes to go and the only thing I could do was try to put a solid round, you know, trying to shoot at least 5-under to, you know -- I mean I didn't know -- have a chance of winning because they shoot 4, 5-under they're 16, 17-under par and really far away.

Hoping that something happened for us and we have a chance tomorrow. Still going to be a little bit of ground there to make, quite a bit, more than I would like to.

Obviously that 73 in the 1st Round, it put me in that position but, you know, at least we're able to put two really solid rounds yesterday and today and hopefully into tomorrow.

Q. No. 11, was it more wind and conditions or the set-up that made it a little more reward and less risky today?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was simple. The wind was different. The wind was right to left. Probably just hurting. We played the first three days with the first two days left to right wind which makes it tough with the water on the left. Easy to lose it right.

Today it was easier to hit like hold up a driver and get around the front right into the green and try to make birdie from there. It was just as simple as that.

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