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May 14, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

SERGIO GARCIA: I think it was great before, don't get me wrong. I think it's better now because you have more pin positions, so I think the TOUR can play a little bit more with it. The pin on 13, for example was a brand new one today, and the one on 13 also on another day was new. The one on 14 today on the back. So it's good to see. And the beautiful thing is now they can play with the tournament as much as they want. If the weather is not bad, they can make it a little bit firmer. If it's a little bit tougher, they can soften it up a little bit. Overall, I think the course was great, and the changes are positive.

Q. How about 12?
SERGIO GARCIA: I said it the other day, I think 12 is a fun hole. If they don't want to level off a little bit that left side, I don't know, it needs like maybe a couple yards of semi-rough. So if you hit a good shot -- for example, today I hit a great drive, and if my ball goes -- my ball was -- it landed probably three, four yards right of the pin with a cut, and it finished probably about two yards left of it. If it goes two more yards farther left, it probably goes in the water, and I hit a great shot. So that's probably something they can tweak a little bit. I guess it's the first year, and they're probably going to wait to see how everything reacted and stuff. But overall I think it's a fun option.

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