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April 22, 2017

Brian Gay

San Antonio, Texas

Q. Brian, really nice 1-under out there. Tough conditions today. Talk a little bit about the conditions and what the difference was from the front-9 to the back-9 for you.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah. It was quite a shock coming out this morning with the much cooler and the north, real heavy north wind and even hitting some wedges with that much downwind was difficult to feeling out how far it was going to go. It was a completely different golf course today. Really hard.

Q. Now, you have four events left on your major medical to get somewhere around $36,000. Does that play anything on your mind going into this week or just trying to put it out of your mind and play golf?
BRIAN GAY: When you get out there you try to do the best you can to just play golf and deal with what you got in front of you. Played really well, had a nice week last week so kind of continue that. I think I finished 4th here once and had a little bit of success here. Felt I could keep that going.

Q. What's going to be your game plan for tomorrow? Right now you're 2 behind.
BRIAN GAY: I haven't even looked to see at the leaderboard since awhile ago. I was really happy with the birdie birdie finish. 18 is playing brutally hard. Tomorrow it's going to be a little bit better, hopefully not quite as windy and go out and play solid golf.

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