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April 16, 2017

Brian Gay

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Q. Brian, four in a row to close for a 67. Great round. Great showing this week.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, thanks. It was a good solid week. I felt like the first couple of days I made kind of some stupid bogeys that I really shouldn't have made. But I knew I was playing pretty good.

And started today with a birdie, birdie start. And then birdied the last four. Caught a couple really good putts in the middle of the round that lipped out. And just -- I was just right on the edge of having a really good round, but played pretty well.

Q. You won here in 2009, had a lot of success at this course early. Last few years not so much. Is it anything that you found this week again here at Harbour Town?
BRIAN GAY: No, I think the combination of being hurt and then having two surgeries and being out a year and a half and coming back, it's been tougher than I thought. Kind of slow, and not playing every week.

It's always good to come back somewhere where I've got some good memories. I love this golf course. It's my favorite golf course on Tour. It's kind of the consensus of everybody. They love this golf course. It's really, really good.

Q. A lot of positives to carry from this week the rest of the year. Talk about your goals for the year.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, it feels good to finish it off today like that with four birdies in a row. I'm looking to carry that into next week and got a week off after that. But I'd love to get back in the winner's circle.

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