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April 9, 2017

Curtis Luck

Augusta, Georgia

Q. (No microphone.)
CURTIS LUCK: I kind of did well to get it back. Once again, started poorly on the back nine, but made four birdies out there and, yeah, got it back to 8.

Q. Four in a row in fact, wasn't it?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, four in a row, yeah. 12 through 15. So, I was hoping to knock it on on 15, but didn't quite get it to happen.

Q. Tell us about the Masters experience, your first, and your last ever tournament round as an amateur.
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, it's been an amazing week. I've enjoyed it thoroughly. I'm hoping that I'll be here in the future, hopefully next year would be very nice.
But, yeah, it's been great and to go out, obviously, as my last amateur round at the Masters is pretty special.

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