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April 9, 2017

Curtis Luck

Augusta, Georgia

Q. You were so close to being under par today. Was that an aim of yours?
CURTIS LUCK: It was. I would have loved to have an under par round here, but not quite. So I'll have to do it hopefully next year.

Q. Can you talk about how bittersweet this moment is for you. Obviously, bigger things on the horizon, but your last event as an amateur, so a little bit of a kind of an awkward or special moment.
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, it's been a long time, I started playing like competitive amateur golf when I was about 14, 15. So, five years, just over five years to here. So I'm ready to go.
I'm excited to try and make some money and I'm excited to I guess make my way through the pro ranks, or at least give it a good crack.

Q. And you're still in with a chance to go to Butler Cabin. What would that mean if the day worked out in your favor?
CURTIS LUCK: It would just be a really sweet finish, I think, to my amateur career. First Major, and to come out leading amateur would be very special.

Q. Would you feel like you kind of wrapped your amateur career in a bow, you got to the world No. 1 Amateur in the last couple weeks of your career, and then you would go to the Butler Cabin?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, exactly. So, my goals were, for this year as an amateur, they were to reach world No. 1, to come leading amateur here, and, yeah, so I was hoping to maybe sneak a professional win under my belt, but that didn't happen and it wasn't even close either, so hopefully we're saving that for later. But, yeah, so I ticked two of the three and hopefully I'll get the third later.

Q. What was the most surprising moment of the week for you? Something that caught you by surprise in a good way.
CURTIS LUCK: That's a good question. That's a very good question. I guess probably just getting here, really. The course was so different than what I had imagined. And I think I now have a much better appreciation for how tough it can play.
I've been, I'm usually a pretty big critic when I watch it on TV and watch any golf on TV. So, now after playing that back nine and through Amen Corner, I have a really good understanding, because I've played it in tournament golf and how tough it can be.
So, I think that if I ever watch the Masters again from the sidelines, I will not be judging so harshly.

Q. Have you settled on where you're going to settle down these next six months? Orlando looking like a great option?
CURTIS LUCK: Orlando's looking like a very good option. So I'm going to head down there this week and spend some time with my coach and, yeah, hopefully get sorted for my first week as professional.

Q. You're turning pro at the Valero Open. What does the rest of the summer look like for you?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, so just as of now we're just kind of going through the process of trying to collect invites for the PGA TOUR. Right now we have got four, we're working on the fifth at the moment. A lot of the events later in the schedule haven't even got to the point of like considering invites.
So, yeah, we'll just keep doing that and hopefully if I keep playing well I'll keep getting them.

Q. And you're going to try to sectional qualify for The Open Championship and the U.S. Open?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, well, it just depends on my schedule what invites I get. But I probably am looking at my, looking at the latest schedule is a week after to do the British Open qualifying, but I know there's a qualifier straight after Memorial in Ohio the next day, which works out great, because I'll be at Memorial.

Q. You've thought long and hard about when you were going to turn pro. What makes you so confident you're ready now?
CURTIS LUCK: Because I thought I was ready five months ago, I guess. I had entered TOUR school for last year in Japan and European. Then I won the U.S. Amateur and Asian Amateur, which put a halt on that concept.
But, yeah, I've felt ready for the last four or five months, and now having all this experience playing these professional events over the last three months in particular, yeah, I feel like I'm ready to compete at this level.

Q. (No Microphone.)
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, I did. To, I guess, battle through and didn't hit it my best and still made the cut, that's always a really good sign at a Major. So, yeah, I feel comfortable out here, just we'll see and reassess in six months and that will be a good idea of where I'm at.

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