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April 7, 2017

Curtis Luck

Augusta, Georgia

Q. The finish on 18 saved that, it's a good round of golf, I know it's not the way you want to finish, but all in all, from yesterday, are you feeling pretty good about the round?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, I'm really happy with the way I played. It's a bit unfortunate to finish with two bogeys in the last three.
I 3‑putted 16, but didn't think I did a hole heck of a lot wrong. I hit a terrible short putt which was unfortunate.
And then 18 I thought I hit it in ‑‑ I actually hit two quite good shots in, misjudged the wind a little, but thought I missed it in the correct spot in that front trap with the front flag, and got up there and it was plugged. So, I couldn't really do much, unfortunately.

Q. Talk about the course today compared to yesterday. Do you feel better about the way the course was playing after what you knew yesterday?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, it's very similar conditions to what it was yesterday. The greens are a little bit firmer and faster, but, yeah, I think a couple of the tee shots I probably got my head around a little bit more last night, just knowing what to expect today.
But I think that also the pins were a little bit more generous today. So yeah, your approach shots were probably a little less stressful.

Q. We spoke on Wednesday and I asked you what your objective was and you said really it's to learn and to grow and to use this as a learning experience. Here you are, you're very likely to be here for the weekend. Is it mission accomplished in terms of that objective that you came here with?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, it is. Yesterday was not the day I was hoping for, so I was a little unhappy, I could say. But today was good. I guess it's kind of, to me, last night, all I was looking into today was to get that confidence back on how I'm hitting it and, yeah, hopefully shoot a score that was good enough to make the cut. Be lovely to be here for an extra two days and play tournament golf, rather than watching it. But, yeah, I'm happy.

Q. You look forward to playing‑‑ I know you were out, you had a practice round on Tuesday when the weather was fair ‑‑ and so to be able to get back out on this course, warmer conditions, not having these howling winds, are you looking forward to playing here under those conditions?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, I would love to. We'll just see what happens. I'm not going to make any comments really too much, because I would probably get pretty annoyed with myself if I said that I had made the cut.
So I won't watch any television or anything this afternoon, I'll just look late tonight and see what happens. And, yeah, if I'm in, I'm in and I'll think about that tomorrow, if that's the case.

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