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April 7, 2017

Danny Willett

Augusta, Georgia

Q. First thing, we have to start with No.1. Can you tell us what it was like?
DANNY WILLETT: If it goes in the bunker, it's not good. It's not too bad. If it goes a foot right, you can get stung. Where it finishes wasn't great. That was my own fault, it was a missed putt there.
Not the best round. We'll just have to wait and see.

Q. Can you speak to the difficulty of 18, particularly on a day like this? Not normally one of those harder holes of the course.
DANNY WILLETT: With it so much out to the left it's real tough to keep it in the left. You've almost got to hit a putt. We hit a really good drive. And all of a sudden it caught a gust and it ended up right down that tree. And all you can do really is just chip it under the branches.
Yeah, there's a few spots out there that obviously you've got to hit a certain shot to get it in position. And, yeah, the last is tricky, you've got the big at all pines on the left and you can't start it out far enough left, really. You've almost got a pretty big draw or a bit of a pull to keep it under that. It's a tricky tee shot, but if you get it in position, second shot, usually you've seen quite a few birdies. But today is obviously one of those where you've got to be in position in the fairway to give yourself somewhat of a look.

Q. No.1 has just been killing everybody and they're saying it plays more like a par‑5?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, the flight today was interesting. Obviously out to the left. There was a few out there that were a little bit sneaky. I don't see anyone shooting 65 again today.
But, yeah, you'll see a lot of guys, again ‑‑ I don't know how the guys will fare this afternoon, it will be interested in this afternoon, because ordinarily you can try to go at the flag, but then you can have a 25‑footer downhill, down the wind. I don't know how anyone is going.
But the golf course is set up‑‑ it's set up tough, but you don't want to see too many low scores out there. I would have thought overall the numbers would be more than yesterday. Around Augusta right now you're averaging 75 and 76 now because it's tricky golf.

Q. Is there any part of you feeling that a weight might now have been taken off your shoulders?
DANNY WILLETT: No, we've played pretty good. If we could take back a couple of shots, obviously. We hit a lot of golf shots. We hit a lot of golf shots here, but haven't gotten anything. Same today, you hit a few good ones. You make the most of it. You hit a couple bad ones, and we missed four greens. If it's five feet and you lip out.
There's a lot of good in there, it's just unfortunate, obviously week to week it doesn't matter, really. It would be nice if we could kind of get a little bit of a break for the weekend, just to give us all a little more golf under our belts.

Q. You have talked a bit about the pressure of living up today. If now that's gone, it draws a line in a way ‑‑
DANNY WILLETT: You're still a Masters champion. There's still pressure that you put on yourself and that people I guess put on you to kind of play well. It's been a tricky 12 months, but we haven't played great golf, but, by the same token if you look at the career that we've had, we've not really had a slump in form in two years. We've had two fabulous years. And when you have a little bit of a downturn and it feels like the world is coming to an end.
So like I said, it would be nice if we can get given a little bit today by the golfing gods. It's an amazing place to be, especially with the weather that's coming in. And it really would be nice to kind of make it into the weekend. Like I said, we need a little bit of luck.

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