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March 24, 2017

Danny Willett

Austin, Texas

Q. Obviously finishing earlier than you would have wanted to, but on I would have thought a positive note?
DANNY WILLETT: It's been all right. It's been incredibly windy. The couple good shots we've hit haven't quite done what we've thought. And a couple bad ones have finished worse. I haven't putted great. At times in match play it makes a big difference.

In fairness, the game was more slightly better this week. Obviously two losses and a win now. But there are positives that we're taking from it. We've got a week off now to work on the little things that we need to get ready for, driving being one of the main things. We haven't driven the ball well for a couple of months now, so trying to work on that with the guys at Callaway to get it set up a little bit better on the driver, and see if we can get that little bullet fade, that's obviously helped us do so well over the last couple of years.

A little bit of work there, but it's always nice to finish on a slightly positive note.

Q. Emotionally, where are you at knowing what's obviously just around the corner, defending the Masters title?
DANNY WILLETT: I mean I don't -- a pretty good place. It's going to be awesome. If you take it as anything else, as added pressure, I don't. I think me playing poorly over the last few months has actually helped in the fact that nobody is really looking at what we're doing. The guys at the top of the World Rankings are playing some good golf. And understandably we've played some poor golf. We're going out there defending.

I just want to get the game in shape, so I can get there and actually enjoy it. Enjoy what is, what is a fantastic achievement and what's going to be a fantastic week. We're going to get there Saturday and go play a few holes there prior.

And then obviously we've got a busy week, we're hosting the dinner on Tuesday, and another part on the Wednesday, and other bits through the week. And I think if you can't learn to enjoy defending a major, especially the Masters, then I don't really get why you're playing the game.

Like I said, I just need to get the game just a little bit sharper to where you can actually get off the range grinding all week and actually then enjoy it, spend a bit of time. My mom is going to be there, as well. Hopefully we've got a week off now, to do a little bit of work, and that's what we can do.

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