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March 24, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Austin, Texas

Q. Disappointing, Sergio.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, it is. Obviously Jon is playing well. It is nice to see at least a Spanish player going through. But it is disappointing because I played nicely yesterday. And today, I started so slow but then I got going. I didn't take the chances. I didn't take the chances I had. I made a couple stupid mistakes and got too far behind and Jon is not the kind of player that is going to give away holes. At the end of the day, you have to perform and if you don't do it then you get beat.

Q. 17 looked tough.
SERGIO GARCIA: It's one of those unfortunate things. I come from missing two fairly short putts for birdie on 11 and 12, and then I get on 13 and he hits his tee shot and it's fine. Then I'm about to hit my drive to the green, trying to make something happen, you know, because I still had a chance and the heavens just opened on me and I almost lost the club. First I thought I missed the ball. Second I thought the club was gone and somehow I held onto it with the left hand. It was pretty much unplayable. But anyway, the match was already in bad shape there.

Q. You are in good shape, playing well.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, yeah. I feel like I'm playing nicely. I just need a couple of things to go my way and maybe get a little more confidence in a couple of things here and there. Other than that, I feel like I'm playing quite well and something nice should be coming soon.

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