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March 22, 2017

Sergio Garcia

Austin, Texas

Q. A great match. How do you feel it went there? Are you still a little shocked right here on this 18th green?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's never easy. Obviously I needed the putt to win. I had the chance of tying it up. I hit a good putt. It was really, really slow. I guess that's why my chip didn't -- we didn't play great. We definitely didn't make anything, neither of us. I think we made probably two or three putts between the two of us. At least I think we both fought hard.

Q. Your lovely fiancГ© is here from Austin. You are getting married here pretty soon. Does it feel like a home away from home?
SERGIO GARCIA: Kind of, yeah. The people have been great. She went to the University of Texas, here in Austin. We spent a little bit of time here, not a lot. It is nice to feel kind of like a second home.

Q. You're a lovely couple. Getting half a point, that's not bad either?
SERGIO GARCIA: It is a good half. At the end of the day, if I win my next two matches, I'm through. If I would lost today, it puts me in a situation where I don't depend on myself anymore.

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