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February 4, 2017

Curtis Luck

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Thoughts on today?
CURTIS LUCK: Started off I guess really steady. Made a couple of putts early. Got a little dry towards the later part of our round on the back nine, but managed to make two birdies coming in, which I guess puts a sweeter taste in my mouth I guess.

Q. What did you do well?
CURTIS LUCK: I managed myself for the most part pretty well. Missed it in a few bad spots on the back nine. But I wasn't hitting it my best today, so I made sure that where I was hitting it poorly, it was going to be okay and I was going to have a shot.

Q. I know you have big ambitions, but this is quite an experience, isn't it?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, it's amazing. I've had an absolute blast in Dubai and playing in the OMEGA Dubai Desert Classic. It's been awesome fun. Hopefully it will be fun tomorrow and I can get further up the leaderboard.

Q. Good grouping today?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, awesome fun. Graeme and Rafa were awesome to play with. Yeah, it's obviously great, as well, to see how they went about playing today. It was a lot of fun, so hopefully get another good one tomorrow.

Q. With that in mind, what do you think you can achieve out there tomorrow?
CURTIS LUCK: Anything. I think the weather being as good as it is today, I think it's supposed to be pretty reasonable tomorrow, as well. You know, there's definitely a really low score out there. You've just got to hit the shots and hole a couple of putts. So yeah, hopefully a nice way to finish the tournament.

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