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December 27, 2016

Tarvarus McFadden

Miami Gardens, Florida

Q. You're sitting there after that loss to UNC, you're sitting there 3-2. What's your mindset after that?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: We just knew that we needed to bounce back. You know, we had to look in the mirror, look at ourselves, and take it into practice and come out stronger.

Q. Did you ever imagine being in the Orange Bowl after that start? Was that in your head at that point?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: Honestly I didn't think we'd be in such a big bowl game, but I knew we'd be somewhere, and just a learning experience, and you've got to grow up from there.

Q. What's been the biggest key to that response down the stretch?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: Like I said, we had to look in the mirror and everybody had to start doing their jobs. We were leaving plays on the field and a lot of mistakes we was making was easily fixable.

Q. What are some talks that you had with your teammates at that point? Is it really encouraging, were you kind of beating yourself up a little bit? How did you communicate with each other?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: You know, it'll never be negative. We just always stayed together, looked in the mirror. We take it on in practice, try to go harder in practice, and like I said, we just had to do the jobs that we had to do.

Q. Michigan's DB was in here and says you're one of the best cornerbacks in the country. Can you imagine getting that kind of acclaim at a bowl game in your first season as a starter?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: No, that's a big compliment from him, and I appreciate that. We've got a football game to play, and we're going to play it on Friday.

Q. How do you credit your improvement this season, to have a season like you did?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: Basically I just had to stay consistent. I've been making plays since the beginning of the season, but I was giving up some plays a couple times, but I just had to get more consistent, like I said. I took it on in practice. I tried to practice harder. I watched more film, I stayed with Coach Kelly, and we all just stayed together.

Q. When you look at their wide receivers, what stands out most to you about Michigan's wide receivers and kind of the continuity they have with Wilton at quarterback?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: Well, like I said, Michigan is more of a run team, so for guys like that, that still make their plays when they come, we've just got to take our best opportunity that you can. I think they both are great receivers, and me and Quez and whoever else is covering them, we are really looking forward to it.

Q. You guys kind of look over room to room, but as a defensive back looking at what they have, how do you gauge their talent? Is it something that you can appreciate?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: I mean, like we've been going against good receivers all year, so every week we always get a different group of great receivers, and it's just another game and another group of great receivers that we're just going to have to come and play on Friday.

Q. As far as flipping and comparing sets of DB's, you guys versus them, can you kind of appreciate what they've done?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: Yeah, I guess you can appreciate what they've done. They've got a great defense, also. They've gotten them this far, so we're just going to have to wait and see.

Q. What's it like after the season that you've had to kind of come home and cap it with a game here in front of your home fans?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: It's got to be great. I had an up and down season, but I'm starting to get into my own and feel myself coming into these last few games that we've been playing in. I'm just excited to play on Friday, and like you said, coming at home, that makes it even better.

Q. Brian has had a big year. What do you make of his development so quickly?
TARVARUS MCFADDEN: I knew Brian was going to be special. That's why I tried to get him to come here, and I'm glad he chose here. Brian has come a long way. As a freshman he made the best impact in the country, I think. Brian is going to be something special in the near future.

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