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December 9, 2016

Danny Willett

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. So what are your thoughts on a nice knock on day two?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it was a nice day. We played pretty good yesterday and didn't take loads of chances. Played just nice and steady again today.

It's a golf course you've got to put your ball in position off the tee. You can take a few things on but as soon as you get in the rough around here, you've not got much control of your golf ball. The greens are a bit firmer this year, and obviously then with a few tight pins, it makes it more difficult.

No, we put the ball in position most of the day and I hit a lot of greens, so although we weren't close loads, we tried to make it as simple as possible. Yeah, two good days' work, I'd say.

Q. Certainly early on there was that nice number of birdies building up, which pushes you into the mix.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, starting the worst way, making bogey on the first hole but bouncing back with three good birdies, and I had a few nice chances on the next few and didn't quite take any. Hit it pretty steady on the front nine. Missed a couple of chances out there.

But no, the scoring around this place never gets too daft, just purely because of the nature of it. A few really tricky holes out there, and even though there's not that much wind there, there's a little bit flicking around and bounces around in the trees.

When you're trying to hit it to precise areas, a couple of yards either way, you get the wrong side of a couple of these ridges and it can cause a few problems. Like I said, just a solid two days' work.

Q. Nice to be in this kind of position in the weekend?
DANNY WILLETT: It's nice to be in this position after the last few months. But it was nice last week, after DP World, we obviously took a couple of weeks off because of the back and stuff and rested it well. Actually took some proper time off, which I've not been able to do for awhile. That was really nice.

Then came out here, probably as fresh as I've been for a month and a half, which is nice, and it's probably showed mentally more than anything. The frustrations, even when you hit bad shots, you don't let it get to you as much as I did probably in the previous couple of months.

It was nice to get a break and put the feet up and spend a bit of time with the family. And it's always nice to know you come out for one week and you've got your job to do for six days and you're going home again.

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