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December 8, 2016

Jazz Janewattananond

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. Jazz, thoughts on your score today?
JAZZ JANEWATTANANOND: Started off the round pretty well, but didn't quite finish it. But 1-under for the first round is not bad. It's a fair start.

Q. Are you finding that you're getting more experienced at playing around here and knowing what you have to do at Hong Kong Golf Club?
JAZZ JANEWATTANANOND: Yes, but this golf course is still really tricky. You need to hole putts, and the challenge of this course is the greens. It's very hard to hole putts, too. Experience doesn't help much.

Q. Do you find that you have to reign it in a bit rather than be too aggressive, you have to play strategically?
JAZZ JANEWATTANANOND: Yes, you can't be too aggressive. You have to just let it drop in the hole here because the greens are getting faster every day, too.

Q. Lovely conditions to play, isn't it, for the first morning?
JAZZ JANEWATTANANOND: Well, I didn't expect it to be this cold this morning. I came off the bus and I was like, wow, this is cold for Asia.

Q. Elaborate a little on your position in the tournament, because for a first day, that is good. It's a good foundation for the week.
JAZZ JANEWATTANANOND: It's a decent start, I would say. It's a good position to move forward for my next two rounds.

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