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December 6, 2016

Danny Willett

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. Have you drawn a line under 2016, starting the 2017 season here in Hong Kong?
DANNY WILLETT: Yes and no. Obviously still technically 2016 is the year but it's the first event that I'm going to play in the 2017 season. So yeah, obviously the year is done and you can't change anything about it. Try and start the season fresh.

Q. Mentally are you able to do that? Are you able to reflect as you did and put it all to bed and start again?
DANNY WILLETT: Probably not quite just yet. Still haven't looked properly over what kind of happened the last few months and how that kind of finished. But you know, kind of really trying to use this week as a separate entity.

Like you say, it is the 2017 season. We are starting it fresh. Obviously the guys have already got one tournament up on us last week. This is our way of starting the 2017 season, coming out to a golf course that I've played I think five years ago. You know, looking forward to a really fun week out here.

Q. This is a lovely place to start the 2017 season?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it is. We've been to Hong Kong a couple of times me and my wife, it's a great city. Loads to do and things to see and obviously different cultures all in one mixing pot and loads of expats out here. The golf course used to be twinned with my golf course back home; I don't think it still is.

Every time we've come here, we've had an amazing time. When the guys from UBS asked us to come back and play, it was a no-brainer.

Q. It's kind of nice that twin --
DANNY WILLETT: I don't know if it still is. When I was last here it was still on the boards. I haven't seen it yet but it is quite nice. I know that there's a few golf courses that do it around the world, so, yeah, it's funny that Lindrick and Fanling are attached.

Q. I appreciate this is still work but is it nice it do it in this relaxed environment, if you like?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it is. It's nice to get to this stage where you can pick and choose events. Trying to get back to that, what we did so well over the last two years is play golf tournaments we want to play. Funnily enough, when you play somewhere you want to play, you often play a bit better. This has definitely been on that list for awhile.

Q. What does it take to that play that bit better at Fanling?
DANNY WILLETT: We played a few holes today. It's in really good shape. You've got to putt your ball in the fairway to be able to spin it into the greens. It's slightly firmer and getting a little bit quick and they will probably get quicker over the week.

It's just a good, solid golf course. You look at the winners that you've had around here over the last ten years, and you know, it's some stellar names and great players that have won around this golf course. I think that just goes to show how strong the course is. You've got to play some good golf and put your ball in the fairway, and obviously roll in a few putts. If you do that come the end of the week, you're going to have a good chance.

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