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November 20, 2016

Danny Willett

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

DANNY WILLETT: Hasn't been quite good enough for what we needed to do. Disappointing four days, really, after some good momentum at the weekend last week. Started out slow but moving in the right direction, Thursday, Friday, and then Saturday was back to being a bit on and off again.

You know, frustrations going again, playing a lot of golf. Today I played pretty good but didn't hole anything again. So yeah, you know, it's a disappointing four-week stretch that I've just had, to end what still will be a pretty memorable year. It's just a shame how it's kind of come to a conclusion, is all.

Q. You say the shoulder has played up a little bit, as well?
DANNY WILLETT: Only this morning. I slept a bit dodgy last night on it, and doesn't help getting up at 5.00 in the morning, either. It's just, yeah, there's nothing to blame really. Just golf's not been good enough this last two months. A few little scheduling issues maybe playing too much and trying to force the issue instead of just playing, you know, a limited amount and backing yourself to do well in the ones that you play in.

Yeah, going forward, have a look into that. But again, it's disappointing coming off there knowing you're not going to finish one, you might not even finish two, depending how things go. And it's just, yeah, it's just like I said, it's just a shame that the last four weeks have kind of been as they have.

Q. As you've hinted, it's still a momentous year, so can you take the next couple of weeks to sit back and say, job done; that was nice.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it will do. Will be a bit disappointed I would have thought for a bit, but you kind of look at what you've done and you kind of analyse it a bit maybe, go over bits and bobs in your head, and then try and move forward. Try and work out how to get better and how to still try to press forward and finally try and finish No. 1 at some point.

Yeah, I've got a couple of weeks off, and then back out in Dubai. I think the body and mind need a bit of a rest, and hopefully we can come out fresh around a golf course that I quite like at Hong Kong and then a good four- or five-week break over Christmas.

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