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November 18, 2016

Danny Willett

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Another hard-working day?
DANNY WILLETT: I hit it good again. I've been very bad with the putter on the back nine. Just a shame, the scoring is not get too long far away. Hit it real nice on the back nine, to only take two out of the last six, seven holes, never gave ourselves much inside ten, 12 feet every hole, and that on the last, how it was all day, really. A bit frustrating but two rounds left.

Q. Looking back at what you were at last Friday night, you must be feeling good about the weekend here.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it's like I said, from last Saturday, was nice following with a good round Sunday and then I've been able to bring a little bit of form in and actually play some nice golf. It's been good when you're not grinding, grinding away trying to save par.

Got good looks at birdies the last two days and unfortunately we're only 3-under par, but yeah, I think we're only -- we're probably going to be five, six, seven back by the end of the day, but over the course of the weekend, you know, it's not a million miles away.

Q. It's been a long few weeks for you. What are the energy levels going into the weekend?
DANNY WILLETT: Not too bad actually. Purposely been not trying to do too much this week, when we're done practice, make sure that it's good work and obviously save the back, save the mind and make sure we try and put all the energy into the golf course. Like you said, two rounds left to the season and hopefully things go our way and we can have some fun.

Q. Putter not the hottest, but you are in the mix.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, like I said, it's just a shame when you're actually hitting a lot of good golf shots, had a 4- or 5-footer on the last there; and had a 7-, 8-footer on 17; hit it to three feet on 16; a 15-footer on 15; knocked it on 14 in two; had a 10-footer on 13. It's just we had a lot of chances and just taking nothing.

Obviously the 2-putt birdie on the par 5 and we knocked it to three feet on 16. Apart from that, we've not holed anything all day, really, which is just a shame, when you give yourself a lot of chances, almost kind of gets more frustrating, regardless when you do in that game.

Last week I was hitting it bad and that was frustrating, and this week I'm hitting it good and it's frustrating because the blade is not working. Things need to get back to going our way a little bit and like I said, just hole a few putts, and there's a really good score not that far away.

Q. There must be a great deal of satisfaction considering where you were seven days ago with the standard of your long game.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it was tough last week, it's a very claustrophobic golf course, to trust what you're doing on the range, to take it to that golf course, it's particularly difficult, obviously with the wind swirling and stuff. A little bit easier obviously after a couple of good days on the weekend last week to then bring it forward, and this week, visually it's not as demanding as last week. We've had a lot of quality golf shots this week, which is nice. Finally what you've worked on feels a little bit more natural and it's getting there.

It's just a shame to not quite finish the job on a few of the holes. 17, 18, some pretty short putts, not much movement in them. Just a little bit frustrating.

Q. What's the mind-set for the weekend? Obviously in the context of The Race to Dubai, you really need to win; so therefore, is it a case of being very aggressive?
DANNY WILLETT: Yes, I don't think we can be much more aggressive with the long game. We're hitting it to back flags and making sure we're bringing back into play and try to hit it close, and the front flags are bringing short, trying to hit it close. It's not like we're trying not to do anything more aggressive into the greens or anything. We just need a few putts to drop in and that's as simple as it is really. It's all right when you hit it to 45 feet, but when you're hitting it close all day, just frustrates you a little bit.

Q. Time on the practice green?
DANNY WILLETT: A bit of lunch, a bit of time on the practice green and get back for tomorrow.

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