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November 17, 2016

Danny Willett

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

DANNY WILLETT: Played really good. Missed a lot of good chances. Very frustrating last kind of five, six holes. Could have pushed ourselves up there and shot something in the 60s, but some good signs, positive signs. Hit the ball well and rolled it good.

Just a couple little misreads on last few. Obviously this late in the day, they do get a little bit funky with the grain as it goes through the day, but 71 is not too bad of a score.

Q. In sense, you pick up where you left off from Sunday in South Africa.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, last Sunday, it was nice, and to like I say, iron shots were straight down the flag, drove the ball well and short game wasn't far off. Just a couple of missed chances on them last five or six holes to just put a little bit of a bad taste in the round.

Q. But no damage done; you're still in the thick of this thing.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it's one of them, isn't it, the first day it's always nice to get off to a flyer but if you keep kind of nosing on and shooting better each day up the leaderboard, and come Sunday, you're never going to be too far off.

Q. A few of the players have said the course setup today, it was quite tricky.
DANNY WILLETT: There are a lot of flags that are tucked a long way back, the golf course played a long way. Yeah, I think you can see by the scoring, one of these rounds, someone is going to go out there and shoot 7-, 8-under par; I think the course record is 10.

There are different days when the opportunities will arise, but I think with the direction the wind was in, you know, it obviously a few of the holes that are usually playing pretty short, are playing quite long. And like I said, they put the flags right on the back of them holes. The golf course is playing pretty good.

They must have had a hot summer; they have not been able to overseed the rough too much. Just have to stay outside of the bunkers, not too much of a problem. Greens are a little bit softer than last year I would say, but again, I think there is a score out there, if you play similar golf to what we play today and just take all your chances.

Q. Given the situation, the fact that you're playing together, is it hard to not keep an eye on what Henrik is doing and not play match play in the first round?
DANNY WILLETT: Yes, you have to beat Henrik, but I have to beat everybody else. If me and him were miles in front of everyone, then yes, but we're not.

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