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November 13, 2016

Danny Willett

Sun City, South Africa

Q. How strong was your 69 today?
DANNY WILLETT: It was good. Played some really good golf today actually. Played probably I would say a good bit better than yesterday; didn't quite hole the putts. But it was nice to have an 8-under week when things haven't been going my way.

Kind of coming through, working things through, and yeah, I think it's going to probably come up just short of beating Henrik this week, and obviously Alex is going to jump up just behind me and Henrik, as well. So it's going to make next week really, really interesting for everyone.

Q. The fact that you found a bit of form over the two rounds, how big a factor might that be next week, because you have something to hang on to when you go to Dubai.
DANNY WILLETT: I think it will be, yeah. You know, form kind of comes and goes. We all know what it's like. One day you wake up and things can be great, and next day you wake up and you can't see a score around anywhere. It's nice that I put together two solid days and yesterday wasn't just one of them flash in the pan and things like that.

So it was nice to build on yesterday's round and play well today. We've got to fly overnight up to Dubai, and a day off tomorrow with the family, and then back to work Tuesday. And hopefully like you say you can carry things forward and actually kind of build on what has actually been a pretty good result, still probably going to finish 11th, not quite what we wanted but a lot better than where it's been recently.

Yeah, we've built on a few good things over the week and yeah I'm just pleased that we've played the weekend the way that I feel like I can play golf.

Q. So you're more excited about next week?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, I've not been excited about playing golf for a few weeks, and it's nice to, like I say, the last couple days, I've woke up and things have felt a little better and a little better. Don't always mean you're going to play well, but yeah, it's getting back to the stage where, like I said at the beginning of the week to the guys: It's nice to come back to a place where you've got good memories; it's nice to get a good finish around a golf course that I really like.

And moving on to next week, we finished fourth there last year. The golf course, it doesn't necessarily suit my game; I'm not massive off the tee and I can't take out all the bunkers but it does reward really good mid-iron play.

Yeah, things we're working on, everything feels better, a little bit more happy going into next week.

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