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November 3, 2016

Danny Willett

Antalya, Turkey

Q. 69 sounds better than 70. What are your thoughts on that round today?
DANNY WILLETT: It's good and bad, isn't it. I hit some great iron shots. I thought iron and play and wedges and stuff was really spot on. Still struggling to get the consistency and the flight off the tee. A few good ones, just a couple that cost me a few silly shots and you see a couple of small errors. It's a lot better than what it has been. I gave myself some chances again.

It was better. It was a lot more positive.

Q. Small margins, isn't it. How close do you think you are to playing some of your best again?
DANNY WILLETT: It's not far off. You need to get the confidence back, and obviously I've been working hard to hit a fade again and just trusting that left side and there's still a couple other ones in there that go too straight and causing you some trouble and again the odd one that blocks us again, the same movement.

It's just gaining the confidence and hitting shots, putting yourself under pressure and making sure I play -- I've got a good run now; making sure I play a lot of tournament golf to where you're not doing it for a bit of a laugh. You're doing it under pressure and making sure you're trying to make some good moves. I don't think it's far off.

Q. There's quite a few frustrated players out there. The conditions seemed perfect but what was it like out there on the course? How was it playing?
DANNY WILLETT: I think you'll probably see frustration because guys saw low scores. Like I said in the press conference yesterday, there is low scores out there. The greens are running really, really good.

The wind, I think it's a bit quirky, because again your margins with some of the slopes, you're working two, three, four yards and the wind is kind of -- it was consistent-ish and would just have the odd flick and that's where I think you'll see guys, you're trying to just land it on top a ridge, and comes up a bit short and rolls back down.

I think guys are just trying to shoot some really low scores, and obviously within that, you get annoyed if you don't quite get it going early. I think you will see that from a few.

Q. What score did you have in mind?
DANNY WILLETT: To be honest after the last few weeks (laughing) anything would have been really, really good. Again, I think the scores are probably what I would have seen on the leaderboard. It would have been nice for us to do a couple better but yeah, things are going in the right direction, so happy days.

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