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October 2, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. That was an incredible match to watch. What was it like to be a part of?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was amazing. Obviously I played Phil many times at the Ryder Cup. I think we played once in singles at Oakland Hills.

It was a great match. Obviously he played well. He definitely putted very well. I think I played extremely well. Putted very nicely.

A couple of shots here and there, couple turning points on 12, hit a great tee, almost goes in, he makes the putt.

Next hole I lip out from the bunker, he makes the putt for par. It's tough but it was a great match.

Q. So as the takeaway with a half point, do you look at it as a negative that you didn't get the whole point or a positive that you were able to scratch a half point for Europe?
SERGIO GARCIA: Definitely a negative. I was out there to get a point, not to get half a point. I tried to deliver, unfortunately I was just a little bit short. But while I am still very proud of the way I played, the way I handled myself all week, obviously a lot of matches.

Yesterday just unfortunately I went on a little break with my putter for six holes and I played as well as I played yesterday. I made seven birdies missing everything yesterday. That point would have been huge and unfortunately Martin and I couldn't deliver it. The Americans they have definitely played very well.

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