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October 2, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. Describe what that was like to be part of.
SERGIO GARCÍA: It was amazing. Obviously to shoot 9-under and end up tying the match, it's obviously heartbreaking. But I gave it everything I had and I don't know, I mean, I don't think I could have done anything differently. Obviously Phil just made it from everywhere and played well.

Q. How much pressure were you feeling over that final putt?
SERGIO GARCÍA: Well, obviously there is pressure. But I was feeling quite comfortable, maybe because I love these moments. This is what I live for. Obviously I've been reminded probably 300 times that I haven't won a major this week, but I love these moments. I love being in Ryder Cups. I love playing for my teammates. I love playing for Europe. Even if I never get a major, it doesn't matter, because these moments, nobody can take away from me.

Q. I think 19 or 20 birdies between you, the quality of golf, that you played especially, pretty impressive today.
SERGIO GARCÍA: Yeah, it was very impressive. Obviously we both played extremely well. I definitely drove the ball better than he did but he definitely rolled the ball -- and even though I putted well, don't get me wrong, he definitely rolled the ball better than me. I don't know how many feet of putts he made definitely today but definitely not under 300.

It was a great match. I would have loved to get the win. Felt like I played well enough for it but unfortunately Phil just kept doing what he knows how to do.

Q. Couldn't play any better that last hour. That last hour, you birdied everything after the putt you missed. Did you misread the putt on 14?
SERGIO GARCÍA: I thought it was going to break at the end. Obviously it was a fast putt, and I thought it was going to come left, and I mean, you could see Phil's putt, it looked like it was going to miss low and held on. Obviously unfortunately I misread it a little bit. It was a great match.

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