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August 21, 2016

Curtis Luck

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. I think every golf fan out there would like to know, what in the world did you eat for lunch in between the match?
CURTIS LUCK: Not a whole lot, to be honest. I wasn't very hungry, so just a bit of salad and some turkey, and that was about it. Salad and turkey.

Q. Well, you came out and you played great the second 18, but I wanted to ask you, that hole you won, that final hole, the 18th of the early match, how important was that to continue on with how you played the afternoon?
CURTIS LUCK: Oh, extremely important. I think Brad had just started to get on a really good roll, and he was starting to really work the putter, and I think that just kind of got me back in it because I think he might have run away with it if I hadn't holed that putt there.

Maybe lunch helped a little bit, as well.

Q. How important, how cool is it to have your dad on the bag, your mom in attendance, and your grandparents here getting to watch you win this U.S. Amateur Championship?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, it's amazing. I think it's pretty unlikely for an Aussie to win a USGA event and have a lot of their family here to support them and be here and experience it with them, so yeah, just so grateful that they could come here, and it's just been such a great week. Yeah, it's felt like home.

Q. And you had plans of turning professional in the next couple of weeks. Now you have to make a different decision; what are your plans in the next few months?
CURTIS LUCK: I think I'll be staying amateur for at least a year now pretty much. No, I'm happy with that, and it was something I was always thinking that might happen. Playing these events like the U.S. Amateur and Asian Amateur, they give you that opportunity to get into some events that aren't worth turning pro to miss. I'm very happy with staying amateur.

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