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August 19, 2016

Curtis Luck

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. Curtis, when you sat down, you exhaled, like that was stressful. How are you holding up right now?
CURTIS LUCK: Pretty good. Obviously very excited at the moment. I'm sure it will sink in within half an hour or so, but yeah, just really excited for tomorrow. Can't wait to get out on the golf course and hit my first tee shot.

Q. How was your father feeling?
CURTIS LUCK: I'd love to answer that but I'm sure he's probably just as thrilled as I am. So they came over from Perth this week just for this event to support. They have been the last couple years, as well. He's just loving the fact that I got through the match play this year and I'm playing well.

Q. The wheels came off a little bit on 15 and 16, you lost the lead and went back to all-square, but 17, take us through that putt?
CURTIS LUCK: 17 was one of those putts where you just have to get it on line, and as most I think who saw the putt, it rolled out for me perfectly and went in dead right. I was shaking over the putt, but you know what, it went in. So I'm pretty happy now.

Q. And that's all that matters. We know more about the American players and we know where they go to college. Tell us more about you. You're from Australia. What else?
CURTIS LUCK: I was always considering going to college when I was in that 17-year-old sort of age. It just didn't work out. I wanted to do some more things with my coach back home and I didn't feel like leaving Perth and getting away from my team that surrounds me was a good idea. I kind of -- I don't know, I think I started playing pretty good when that happened. I just never really turned to going to college after that.

Now I'm pretty much full-time golf, traveling. I was looking to turn pro, but you never know with this week, having the rewards that it does, that might have to be postponed. Yeah, we'll just see.

Q. You're playing Nick Carlson tomorrow, and he's a hometown kid, played ahead of you today. You could see the big crowd following him, his friends, family. He's from Michigan. How do you think that will impact you?
CURTIS LUCK: It's always good to have a crowd. I'm looking forward to it. We'll just see hopefully, maybe I'll have to give them something to clap about even if they don't want to, but we'll just see. That's how it is. I understand, being from Michigan, he's going to have a big following. And it's great to see he's got such a massive crowd supporting him this week.

I've heard his cheers from all around the course the entire week. That's awesome for him.

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