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August 18, 2016

Curtis Luck

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Q. Well played. You had a tough draw and you took care of him 4 & 2. How did that happen?
CURTIS LUCK: I got off to a decent start early, which meant I think I was 2-up through 6, which obviously is a good lead early, but he fought his way back, and I made a couple little errors through the mid-stretch of our round. But holed a really, really long putt on 13 for birdie to gain the momentum a little bit, and yeah, keep going.

Q. When you say how long, how long was it?
CURTIS LUCK: It was probably about 40 feet up the hill, so it was a good putt to hole basically.

Q. How is your fatigue level at this point? Are you doing pretty well?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, I'm feeling all right. I'm pretty fresh. This is my second event here, so I wouldn't say I had a full schedule, so I'm feeling pretty good.

Q. Now, the way that you got into this was your ranking, so if that wasn't the case, would you have even tried to play in the U.S. Amateur?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, yeah, for sure. I've pre qualified the last two years, so I would have definitely given it a crack somewhere, which would have meant I would have had to play probably a couple more events to fill in the time. But yeah, I definitely wouldn't miss the opportunity to come over and play in this event.

Q. Have you talked to the other guys from back at home who have played in the U.S. Am and said what kind of experience it was?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, one of my good friends is Brady Watt, and I know Ollie Goss pretty well, too, but Brady Watt I'm really good friends with. Obviously was a semifinalist here three or four years ago. It's just a tough week basically, so just got to do whatever you can to prepare well and make sure you're capable of playing the whole way through if you get the opportunity.

Q. You said it's only your second event. What else have you been doing?
CURTIS LUCK: I played Western Am, and that was it literally. Yeah, this is a very short stint over here in the U.S. for me this year. Last couple years I've been over for eight weeks and played six events and kind of rocked up to the last two, which I think most people know are the really big ones and probably not felt up to scratch, just felt a little tired and I guess not 100 percent.

Q. Are you feeling like things are pointing in the right direction now that you've won the second-round match?
CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, it's always a bit of a confidence boost as a win. Now that it's match play you've got no options. You have to go out there and win. There's nothing to it. I'll just try and get my head back into it for this afternoon, and yeah, go out there and hopefully win.

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