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July 15, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland

SERGIO GARCIA: The course was playing totally different from yesterday. Not only because it wasn't sunny but it was a bit cooler, the wind was blowing in a different direction. The first six, seven holes were playing tough. They were playing into the wind. It wasn't like yesterday where you were hitting driver, 7-irons to par-5s. Today you were hitting 9-irons for the par-5s in three.

So it definitely was tougher. Just a shame about those two three-putts. But other than that, I'm still happy with the round. I still don't feel like I'm playing up to my standards. So I think it's still a good score.

Q. It's not even the halfway stage yet, but do you feel like you've made your place into the weekend?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I'd love to be two or three shots better. There is no doubt about that. But I'm sure everybody would, too. I am happy where I am because I didn't feel like I played that great the first two rounds and I'm still out there in the top 10 with a shot at it. So hopefully I'll keep improving as the weekend goes on, and hopefully I'll have a chance on Sunday.

Q. What do you feel you have to do to improve?
SERGIO GARCIA: Today was a little bit better. Today I felt like I didn't start that great, but I got going a little bit better more than anything on the back nine. Probably from the seventh hole onwards or sixth hole onwards I started hitting better shots. Gave myself a lot of chances. Not too close, but outside chances.

So that was the positives I think to see. Hopefully I can dial it in a little bit more on the weekend.

Q. (Inaudible).
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, it depends who you are. If you like that, it obviously helps, but some guys like to be a little bit more serious and things like that. So I enjoy it. I enjoy it because it's nice. At the end of the day it's still a game and it's still just a tournament. But we all want to do the best we can.

Q. (Inaudible) that's playing well.
SERGIO GARCIA: I don't know. I'm not so sure about that. It helps if you're playing well. The other guys are not hitting any shots for you. So obviously seeing someone hit good shots probably you may say that it helps, but I'm not that sure.

Q. On social media it seems you're quite settled in your life away from the course. How does that translate into your game?
SERGIO GARCIA: I think every little thing that adds up is always good. Obviously when things line up nicely in your life outside of the game, it does help, because your mind is calmer, you're happier and those things are always good. So it obviously definitely helps.

Q. In terms of past Opens, do you think you come into this Open Championship feeling maybe the best away from the golf course?
SERGIO GARCIA: I don't know. I mean, I've had great Opens where I felt really well. Obviously I do feel very happy with where I stand. I would love to be feeling a little bit better on the course, the way I'm swinging or I usually swing. But other than that, I guess I'm in a good spot.


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