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June 26, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Cologne, Germany

Q. What is the verdict on this week is this a long week? A long final day indeed.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, two weeks in a row with 36, too old for this. But you know, it kind of reminded me a little bit of my amateur days when we used to play 36 quite often.

But I guess a little bit of a shame. I didn't play that great but had it going today. Unfortunately you know, the double on 14th cost me a lot.

It was tricky out there with the weather. The wind was blowing and it was stopping and it happened to me on 14 with my third shot. I thought I hit it perfect and the wind stopped and it went over the green and made double.

Then on 15, I got on the tee, raining cats and dogs, and that didn't help very much but it can happen. I'm still happy with the week I had. It was a solid week. Not spectacular, but overall, the conditions weren't easy.

Q. Presumably when you're making those birdies on the front nine, then rolling in the eagle at the 13th, anything is possible then.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I thought the way the course was playing with the weather, and the wind, I thought if I could get it to 14, it might have a chance, probably 13, an outside chance. I thought 14 had a chance. It looks like it's going to be just short. Probably going to be 15 or maybe 16.

But you know, we gave it a shot at least.

Q. When you've had two weeks in a row like this, a, I think you probably need a rest now, don't you?
SERGIO GARCIA: I'm getting one, don't worry. I'm getting a rest. I'm having two weeks off, so I'm excited about that. I need them. Last week was tough. It was great but it was very tough. And this week, this week wasn't easy either with the weather. So well-deserved little rest and we'll get ready for The Open as much as we can.

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