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June 24, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Cologne, Germany

Q. Tell us about the hole-in-one.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, it was great. Obviously hit a really nice 8-iron, straight at it. It bounced, looked really good in the air, but you never know what's going to happen. But it bounced like about four inches from the cup and obviously second bounced in or something like that.

It was really good. Just a shame that I kind of screw it up a little bit at the end, but it was a good day overall.

Q. With the ace, it looked like you turned to Thomas Björn and Andy Sullivan and they encouraged to you dance or something?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, no, they didn't. I just thought that it would be funny to do the Jimenez dance.

Q. And you did it well. Can you remember your celebrations in Abu Dhabi, because that was your only other hole-in-one, wasn't it, on the Tour? Lots of fist-pumping for that one.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I remember that. That was three or four years ago, so it was good.

Q. What do you think of the prize that you've won?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's great. I'll enjoy my stay at the Hilton somewhere. It will be nice for the fans, also, to get some of those points for them. I hope they enjoy it.

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