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June 19, 2016

Danny Willett

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. Can you talk about, obviously, there's been a lot of discussion about the putter issue from yesterday. Can you just kind of enlighten us.
DANNY WILLETT: Why? What did you hear?

Q. Well, we heard it was because of bad performance by the putter. We've heard that you weren't happy with pace of play. So we're just trying to figure out what happened.
DANNY WILLETT: No, the putter has been bad all week, yeah. Had a couple I finished out with a wedge yesterday. Just a bad week really on the greens. They're tricky to read, tricky to keep the pace and line the same. Obviously, the starting and stopping on Thursday, Friday, pace changed a little bit, not too much, but it's enough to kind of throw out, hit the lip a lot, and things just didn't quite go our way. One of them weeks.

Q. Was it the putter, was it the one you used at Augusta?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, unfortunately, it's now in two pieces. We'll have to get it refurbed, and then I won't be using it again. Luckily, we had a couple of positives this week.

Q. Just going to re-shaft it?
DANNY WILLETT: No, (indiscernible).

Q. What are you going to do if it does get refurbed? Put it somewhere special?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, I'll end up keeping it. I don't know, I might pull it back out. Pull it back out of retirement once, just going to stay on --

Q. The significance of that particular putter to win the green jacket and you anointed it afterwards (indiscernible)?
DANNY WILLETT: There was a lot more than one club, I would say, that helped win it.

Q. Is that natural for you to carry numerous putters with you every week?
DANNY WILLETT: No. Luckily enough, I did this week. I've been doing a little bit of work at home, and it's not quite been spot on. Obviously, Paul Herman was out this week trying to get a bit of work done. Yeah, it was a week that could have been pretty good. I think we had 33, 35, and 33 putts the first three days. It's not really going to put you anywhere near contention with that amount of putts on this golf course.

You need to get it up and down a lot, and we three-putt a lot. So we chipped (indiscernible) it today. Things just haven't been quite there. No, I'm a bit disappointed with the week, but could have been a lot worse.

Q. After winning your first Major, did you feel any different? Was it suddenly get out of the way (indiscernible)?
DANNY WILLETT: No, it was nice. I don't think there was that much focus (indiscernible). You've still got, obviously, Jordan defending, you had Rory and Jason and everyone playing pretty good golf. As you can see by the guys who missed the cut, it's one of them golf courses that you don't need to be that far off and it can jump up and bite you. It seemed like every time we missed a fairway, we have to chip outside.

If you're up near the leaderboard, that doesn't happen. But, unfortunately, down our side of the leaderboard, that's usually what's happened to the guys, which is why there's a lot of putts bouncing.

Q. How important is it to the European Tour to have -- if, in fact, this happens, the first two winners of Majors be from the European Tour?
DANNY WILLETT: I think it's great for European golf. European golf has been strong for a long time now, and it's nice that it's not just the normal guys winning the big tournaments around the world. It's nice that there's more people coming up and going through. It just shows you the strength and depth of European golf.

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