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June 18, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. Sum up your day for us. How did you feel out there?
SERGIO GARCIA: I thought it was quite good. Obviously, a late start and waiting. But overall, I felt like I hit a good amount of good shots. I hit some really good putts. The greens were extremely fast and some parts were -- you just couldn't read the breaks.

Like my putt on the 2nd, I mean, I had probably an eight, nine-footer and I probably had to hit it four feet left. I obviously hit it foot, foot and a half, two feet left and I missed it a foot right.

Other than that, I felt it was good. I felt like I hit a good amount of good shots. I gave myself some good looks at birdies. But every time, every single green, feels like you're playing defensively because they're so quick.

But I'm happy with the way I managed and excited about tomorrow.

Q. Sergio, you have so much experience in these big events. To be in the position that you're in, playing as well as you're playing, do you feel good about tomorrow?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah. I mean, it is hard. It is difficult out there. It is a tough golf course, but I am excited about it. I feel good about it. I think I can obviously hit the ball a little bit better than what I've been doing.

But overall, like I said, I'm very excited about it. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. What would it mean to you to get the monkey off your back tomorrow?
SERGIO GARCIA: The monkey is still coming -- on my back or on my bag? (Laughter.) No, there's no monkeys. That's nonsense. At the end of the day, the only thing I can do is give myself chances. Play well. And if it happens, it happens.

I don't know, you know. I will only know the day that it happens. So it is easy for me to stand here and tell you it will mean this or that, but until it happens, you never know.

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