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June 17, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Q. Tired?
SERGIO GARCIA: My legs. I'm too old for this.

Q. Talk to us a little bit about how tough the closing stretch is here and how you have to think so much on every shot.
SERGIO GARCIA: Which stretch?

Q. 15 through 18.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, it is tough. 15 is obviously a very strong par 4. 16 is a tough par 3. 17 gives you a little of a breather if you hit a good tee shot, but the green is quite tough. And then, obviously, 18 is a tough driving hole and a very tricky green.

So it is definitely very challenging, even though the greens are obviously softer than they were in the practice rounds, they're still very challenging. When you play 36 on this golf course, as hard as it's playing, it takes a lot on your body.

Q. How difficult was it today and how good do you feel to come away under?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was tough, obviously. I'm not going to lie, it was much easier than it was in the practice rounds because of the rain. But it was a little bit breezy this morning. It played tough. You still had to hit good shots. A lot of pins, you had to be careful not to spin it too much to spin it on the green, like it happened to us a couple of times. So you still have to think your way around very well.

I'm very happy to, obviously, finish at 2 under. I didn't play that great this afternoon but I thought I scrambled nicely and I made a couple big putts when I needed to.

Q. Where do you rank this in terms of all the courses in the world? Where do you rank this in terms of testing you as a golfer?
SERGIO GARCIA: This golf course?

Q. Yes.
SERGIO GARCIA: It's definitely the toughest. Definitely the toughest I've ever played. There's no doubt about it. It is really tough the way it's playing right now, being a little bit softer.

It was easily the toughest on Monday and on Tuesday and Wednesday. No doubt. When the greens were firm. Good golf course, though.

Q. Do you expect to see what you saw Monday and Tuesday over the weekend?
SERGIO GARCIA: I don't think it will be quite like that because we got a lot of rain, but I do think it will firm up as the week goes on. The weather's supposed to be good. So it will definitely firm up and get a little bit trickier.

Q. How did Dustin Johnson play today?
SERGIO GARCIA: He played awesome. I played with him last year the first two rounds. He played awesome. He played awesome all week. He played really, really well today. It's impressive. He drove the ball great, very far. I don't think he missed many fairways at all.

So he obviously took them -- out of 36 holes here at Oakmont with only one bogey, it shows you have to play really, really well. He's going to be tough to beat, but I'll give it a shot.

Q. Was it tougher mentally or physically having to play 36 holes today?
SERGIO GARCIA: Mentally, it's tough. We know how difficult the U.S. Open is, and here at Oakmont even tougher. But physically, at the end, it was -- you could feel -- I could feel my legs, they were tightening up a little bit. But we're so happy we got it done. We don't have to come back tomorrow until the afternoon. We can rest a little bit, take a nice, hot bath and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. Is there something in your game, Sergio, that makes you more ready to play Majors and contend maturity-wise?
SERGIO GARCIA: Probably this week, my head has been good. Even though I've got through a couple of stretches where I didn't hit the ball that great, I stayed with it. I think my short game was really good. I chipped well. I putted well. So that was important. And I'm going to need more of that throughout the weekend.

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