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June 16, 2016

Danny Willett

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

DANNY WILLETT: It will just be a long day, but nothing you can do. You just have to try to play with the wind. It's the strongest wind out there. Just make sure no one's in danger with anything and just go on. Hopefully, we can get back at it tomorrow.

Q. What were you guys being told after that first delay? No opportunity to warm up. Have you ever been involved with something like that before?
DANNY WILLETT: No, that was a bad one. We sat in a cabin for an hour and 10 minutes behind the 7th tee without being given a chance to hit any balls or do anything. You're in a U.S. Open, they don't give you a chance to even hit a few balls.

Even the second time out, 1:47, and we were told to go back out again at 2:10. Never hitting any balls. You can appreciate they're trying to get as many holes in as possible, but sometimes you just have to call it a day and come back.

Q. How much did this golf course change from the first three days to what you saw here?
DANNY WILLETT: Fantastic. Spinning balls back and stopping. We've been playing 10, 15 yards (inaudible), and then today you're almost hitting 7 irons up. It's very difficult. (Inaudible) will stop it.

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