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June 12, 2016

Brian Gay

Memphis, Tennessee

Q. Almost got it to fall to 9-under there. Nice round to finish on.
BRIAN GAY: Yeah, thanks. It was a good day. Unfortunately the weather kind of changed the golf course but got off to a great start. I wasn't thrilled about the weather delay. Came right back out and hit it two feet on the first shot on No. 6 and made a birdie.

Q. How challenging is that, what it's like for three days and --
BRIAN GAY: It was really dry, hadn't rained all week. Really drying out and playing pretty hard. With the rain it makes it a little tougher for me, makes the course longer, the rough a little wet. Little bit harder for me after the rain but got to deal with it.

Q. This might very well get you into the British Open. What would that mean for you?
BRIAN GAY: It's kind of cool. I missed a playoff for the U.S. Open on Monday. Maybe I'll play my way into the other Open.

Q. Brian, obviously being from Orlando, the tragedy that happened there, how much does that hurt you to know what happened the last couple of days?
BRIAN GAY: That was a really rough weekend in Orlando to wake up both days to really bad news. Really saddened. And our thoughts go out to all the families and the City of Orlando.

Q. Community has really come together, blood drives. Talk about Orlando as a town.
BRIAN GAY: Been there, gosh, about 16 years or so. Love being there. Probably be there for many more years. And it's a great, great city and you don't really see that much around Orlando. It's Disney World, everybody is happy and on vacation. Usually not that much action, not any bad stuff going on.

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