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May 29, 2016

Danny Willett

Surrey, England

DANNY WILLETT: Game's not been there. I've been working hard. I'm still struggling with a couple of shots, again, like I said, just a few of them shots on the back nine where fade doesn't quite work, still trying to hit a couple of draws, double crossed yourself. A few things to work on but it's a work-in-progress and there's glimpse of really good, and then there's obviously little sections that are very bad. I think a couple of weeks off before U.S. Open is going to do me some good.

Q. The shot on 16, were you thinking about a hot finish?
DANNY WILLETT: Just a sky 5-wood to get it there. Again, like I said, topsy-turvy, we've gone from the worst shot I think I've hit in a long time to one of the best over the trees. Hit a great tee shot down 17 and then we hit -- pitched just short right of green and then it's gone 50 long and you make a silly six there. Again, nice up the last, but a bad 5-iron in and great up-and-down. It's just been really up-and-down.

Like I said, there's enough good in there. I've just got to try and iron out them bad ones.

Q. Seemed like it was hard to get momentum out there on Sunday. If you could, assess what you took away from today's round?
DANNY WILLETT: There's a lot of good in there but then the bad shots around here this week have been pretty bad. Struggled to get up-and-down from a few of them. Just very up-and-down. But you know, you come away and after a good couple rounds last week and then a couple of poor ones, and similar again this week really, just struggled to get anything going on the weekend.

Looking at the scores now, we could have made it really close today if we would have got going and put the foot down but we just had too many mistakes. Top five is all right but obviously you're working hard to try and win.

There's a lot of good in there. I've been working really hard. A lot of good shots in there. Unfortunately it's just trusting that same move every time and every now and again, the odd one kind of comes out and goes a little bit wrong, and then around here with the breeze and stuff, it kind of doubles how bad it really is.

Same as last week, a couple small misses last week, you can be in the water or have a bad lie and throw an easy bogey or easy double at it and similar this week. We just never really got anything going. It was easier sailing obviously on Friday in the morning and then we hit a bit of a slow patch. I think that kind of killed it really.

Q. What positives do you have to carry with you as you prepare for the next major?
DANNY WILLETT: As I said, when it's good, it's good. We ripped the flag out for a couple of days last week and a couple of days this week. Made a lot of birdies, a lot of easy birdies. It's just getting them bad shots a little bit better and just working away and doing the same things and just trying to narrow that gap and just get some more feeling. Two weeks off, which is nice, go away with Nic and have a bit of time just completely chilling and doing nothing. We've had three weeks in a row which is quite a lot of golf, and then a week to kind of wind it back up and get ready for Oakmont.

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