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May 28, 2016

Danny Willett

Surrey, England

Q. A number of the guys in the final groups, the last three or four coming in, had their difficulties. Describe what it was like for you inside the ropes?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it's just a golf course, obviously after a long week and stuff, the greens we get are pretty bad this afternoon. Still we hit some bad golf shots out there, but it's tough to stay on par when your ball doesn't stay on line. Had plenty of bad shots in there and stuff, but enough good to shoot the score we did. Just couldn't get a score going.

Q. Why has there been such a contrast between the two nines for you so far this week?
DANNY WILLETT: Back nine is a lot more draw off the tee and we obviously struggle hitting the. The front nine sets up quite nice, trying to hit fade off there most of the time.

Yeah, we've got to take a lot of tight lines off the left in the back nine. Every now and again, you kind of hit one straight and it kind of clips and stays in the left or you overdo it. Yeah, just how it sets up to our eye, basically, doesn't quite fit.

Q. Given the big picture, how do you compartmentalise the fact that you're disappointed with the day but only three off the lead with 18 holes to go?
DANNY WILLETT: It's disappointing regardless of what it is. Again, we played nice the front nine and let it go on a couple of sloppy golf shots. Again a couple of bad decisions and some missed putts. Just got to control everything better mentally and try and dig deep tomorrow and see if we come good.

Q. It's been one of these topsy-turvy afternoons and not just for you. How do you explain the goings-on to yourself today?
DANNY WILLETT: We had everything under control nicely and then a couple of loose shots, a couple of bad decisions, a couple of missed putts and very quickly kind of slipped away. Same thing as three relatively simple par 5s and we played them badly again on the back nine, as we have done all week. They don't quite fit our eye, 17 especially.

Yeah, it's disappointing to be somewhere there or thereabouts and then to kind of play poor on the back nine like we did yesterday. Off to the range and see if we can get something going for tomorrow.

Q. I know you had a disappointing day in Ireland on Sunday but tomorrow you have a chance to put things right. I know you're going to go to the range as you say, but how will you attempt to try to conquer that back nine that's given you a few problems the last couple of days?
DANNY WILLETT: I'm not sure. Going to have to look at on the range today, look at a few shots, look at a few different decisions off the tee. We had great iron play, so maybe we have to lay back on a couple of them and try not to take some of the tighter lines and see if we can work our way around.

There's a score out there. Obviously it's a lot easier in the morning with the greens being good and obviously the wind down. This afternoon it picked up and it was a bit swirly, and the greens were getting a bit poor in the afternoon. I think if you can get somewhere near 10, 11, I think you're going to do all right.

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