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May 27, 2016

Danny Willett

Surrey, England

Q. It's a rare circumstance when you have a guy who is up by there on a sunny day who has every reason to be a little bit disgruntled, if you will. How would you assess today's round, 29-39?
DANNY WILLETT: Different. Played great most of the day and then chucked a couple of horrid golf shots in there, and it was nice to make birdie at the last, two really good golf shots, composed myself quite nicely. Again, could you have just chucked it and finished really poorly, but to make birdie on those, was good. Shows a little bit of mental strength. But yeah, still not quite the back nine we were hoping for but 10-under par, you'd have taken it at the beginning of the day.

Q. You had an amazing start, 6-under, 29. And then you had to deal with the group being tied on the back side. What impact did that have?
DANNY WILLETT: It's tough to obviously double check yardage and stuff with blustery winds, a few tight flags out there. This place plays hard when the wind is swirling around. You'd like as much time as possible to double-check your numbers and make sure you're happy with what you've got.

A couple of shots out there, we hit a little bit too quick and got the wind a little bit wrong. Got the direction of the wind slightly wrong off 14. Yeah, just a couple in there that probably didn't help but same thing, you can't blame anything when you hit a couple of bad shots. But like I said, you'd take 68 beginning of the day.

Q. You've had huge galleries following you, like you got to see with Rory last week. What's the experience through two days been like for you at Wentworth?
DANNY WILLETT: It's been great. Again, English fans there at 8.00 this morning, it was a nice morning and there was a load of people out watching us. It was great. Yesterday had Fitzy in front and Westy behind and they came out and I think they saw some great golf. They are going to stick around all day and see some great golf this afternoon. It's a lovely place in the world to come play golf and it's just nice getting the crowds here supporting.

Q. Leading the championship, how do you make sense of a round that went 29-39?
DANNY WILLETT: Golf, isn't it, two tales. Played good. Couple of silly shots on the back nine and didn't quite come up to a few of the lines. But 68, but you've got to look at the full number; 68 is a good score out there.

Q. The last couple of weeks since you've come back since winning the green jacket, how challenging is it coming back and getting into the rhythm, not just as a Major Champion and adjusting to life as a father; is it taking getting used to?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, a little bit. I'm getting better and better at time management, and making sure I've got enough time to sign enough stuff and do all that and still leave time to practise and to do enough work to ultimately come out and play good golf.

I feel like I'm getting the balance just right. Hopefully now we can kind of press on over the weekend.

Q. Most difficult thing to get used to has been what?
DANNY WILLETT: Everything you do is being watched. You'd like to have a bit of a head-up on the range on a Monday or a Tuesday when you're struggling with things, and you've got someone behind you. You've got to watch your P's and Q's, which obviously I'm not the best at in the best of times.

Yeah, it's the fact that I used to be able to have nice, quiet practise sessions on my own and just do my own thing. Kind of like I say, you feel like you're being watched all the time in what you're doing, which is fine, kind of part and parcel and that's what you should expect. But it's just getting used to having someone around constantly.

Q. You're the only Top-20 player in the world this year, and you have great expectations because of that, but do you sense it from the galleries, as well?
DANNY WILLETT: I think they just want an English winner. I don't think it's so much that they are putting too much pressure on me as a single person. They just want a British player to do well, which is fantastic. You saw it last week with Rory. I think they definitely, definitely helped him get down that stretch last week and hopefully the English crowds can do the same this week.

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