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May 26, 2016

Danny Willett

Surrey, England

Q. Happy with that?
DANNY WILLETT: Real solid. Stats-wise, probably didn't hit loads of fairways but were never in too much trouble. Hit some great mid to short irons, rolled a few putts in, obviously we were never in any danger there, which is why we didn't drop any shots. Really good, solid start to the week.

Q. What was the reception like to start things off? Last year was your first event since donning the green jacket in Europe, but to have it at the Flagship Event at Wentworth.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it was great, the first tee obviously. I think I'm going to have to be announced as Masters Champion, sounds pretty good. To be in front of the English guys at home is brilliant, and the reception on the first tee, too.

Q. With the low scores in the first round, does that change your mind-set for the rest of the week?
DANNY WILLETT: All depends what they do with the course. Depends what they are going to do, if they are going to water again or let them firm up. This place, if it firms up, it becomes real sneaky with a lot of the crosswinds and stuff.

All depends on how the guys want to set the golf course up. If they want a low-scoring week, they will keep watering the greens and give us a chance to get close to a few of the flags. If they want to kind of sneak up on us, they are not going to water them as much and they can get them a bit fiery.

Q. How was it being in front of home fans?
DANNY WILLETT: It was great. Last week in Ireland was fantastic, but a little bit more support out there being a home boy in England. Great reception all the way around.

It's nice; they don't have to be here and they don't have to come out supporting, but they do. You've got to appreciate that and enjoy it, and hopefully touch wood, give them some good golf to watch.

Q. You used the word "stale" last week, but looks like you are back on your game.
DANNY WILLETT: Again, it was the stopping and starting last week that was the problem. We had a beautiful day today. I don't think not for a few years we've had it like this down here. It makes a massive difference. Not a great deal of wind but just enough to throw you off and golf course in great condition this year.

The greens are in a little better than I think they were last year and the last couple years, and I think everyone would agree with that. Hopefully if it stays like this, we'll get a nice, easy full-flowing week.

We've played pretty solid over the last few years. We were up there in contention a few years back with Luke in the last round. This is a place I enjoy. I enjoy the golf course. I enjoy the challenge of it. Yeah, like I say, you just hope for four good days of weather and keep the crowds coming in, and you never know.

Q. What is more satisfying, a card that doesn't have any dropped shots or the six birdies?
DANNY WILLETT: Both. I think all the players out there can make a lot of birdies. It's always nice when you come off bogey-free. Means you've played some real good golf and you've not given any stupid shots away to the golf course.

Played the par 5s particularly average in fairness after relatively good drives on most of them. It could have been a really good day but it's still within itself is a great day.

Q. Did performing as the Masters Champion in front of a genuinely home crowd have an inspirational effect?
DANNY WILLETT: It was great. It's always nice to come back and play in front of the home crowds. Helped Rory last week coming down the stretch and hopefully can do the same for one of the English lads this week. You always get great crowds at Wentworth and good weather will hopefully stay around, we should be in for a great week.

Q. Great to post a score in the afternoon conditions when the greens can be bumpy, and an opportunity to really capitalise tomorrow morning?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, they have held up very good today. Obviously there's been a lot of complaints about it in previous years but they were a lot better than they were last year. I think that shows; the fact that they were a bit firmer through the week at the beginning of the week. They are easier to hold up under obviously all the play from the Pro-Am and the practice.

Yeah, I think that's allowed them, being that firm early in the week, has allowed them to roll them and cut them and control the poa coming through a little bit more. Today they were as good as I've seen them in the afternoon.

Yeah, hopefully get out tomorrow morning and take advantage of potentially slightly softer greens in the afternoon.

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