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May 22, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Irving, Texas

Q. Sergio, we know what this place means to you, this tournament means to you. How does it feel to come away with a playoff victory for the second time at this event?
SERGIO GARCIA: Feels great. It feels amazing. Obviously Brooks helped me a little bit but I thought I hit three really good shots, tee shot, the second shot and the putt.

So, very proud of myself the way I played the last four holes in regulation and it wasn't easy so very happy with that, yeah.

Q. How were you able to keep up that positive attitude, two balls in the water on the back-9 yet you made most of each one of them and you almost holed out with the one on 14, too.
SERGIO GARCIA: I was about to believe in myself a little bit out there. I wasn't feeling as comfortable as some of the other days. I knew I need to give myself chances.

I got a little bit fortunate couple times with the chip-in on the 8th and obviously the par on 11. But, you know, I kept fighting as hard as I could and it was great.

Q. Many, many congratulations. First win in four years on the Tour. What does this win mean to you at this moment?
SERGIO GARCIA: Means a lot because I've been awfully close the last four years here on the PGA TOUR and to win here again, doing it for the second time means a lot and tying Seve with wins on the PGA TOUR.

Q. Tying that record with 9 PGA TOUR wins. Talk to me about the game though, all week, ball-striking was good. What changed today?
SERGIO GARCIA: On the first -- I felt like, I don't know, today funny enough, I didn't play as well but I chipped and putted unbelievable so that was great. But you know, it was hard, it was difficult out there. I kept my composure. I'm very proud of the way I played the last four holes and then the playoff hole. That shows a lot to me and very, very happy about that.

Q. (Inaudible).
SERGIO GARCIA: It is a shame. It can happen to anyone. Obviously he pushed it maybe five yards and went in the water and still had to hit a good shot there. Wasn't that easy. So, you know, it was nice to do.

Q. Just finally, we got a big congested summer coming up with the month after the U.S. Open. What does this do for your confidence?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's great. Playing good it always important. Being out there is always important. Winning is obviously very important. But the biggest is to keep improving. I know I can play better than I did today and yesterday, so I'll keep working.

Q. 12 years after his first victory, Sergio Garcia once again the champion here at the AT&T Byron Nelson.
Most of the time when you were trailing on the back-9 and hit two balls in the water you're not going to win. How were you able to overcome all of that and get this win?

SERGIO GARCIA: You know, obviously it was unfortunate, Brooks came back but it was playing tough. 14 was playing tough, 12 was playing tough, 15 was playing tough. I managed to make a great par on 11 that kept my round going after making a very soft bogey on 10 from the middle of the fairway and then made a great putt on 14 after hitting it in the water.

So, you know, it was nice. I think what was important, how I played last four holes in regulation and the playoff hole. I hit a lot of good shots, hit a lot of good putts. Unfortunately they didn't go in but it's nice to be able to see that you can do it.

Q. You talked about that but what is that feeling, what was that feeling when you were able to call upon shots as you have been when you've been at your best?
SERGIO GARCIA: I don't know. For some reason I calmed down a little bit after pretty much after I hit the ball in the water on 14. I don't know if I thought I didn't have a chance anymore or something because Brooks was 17 at that moment, I was 14. So, I don't know. Calm down, hit some good shots, hit some great chips and managed to win the tournament.

Q. You're now tied with Seve for the most wins ever by a Spaniard on the PGA TOUR. What does that mean to you?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's awesome. To be up there with Seve it means the world to me and I kind of -- you can kind of say I went a little bit ala Seve today. I definitely wasn't driving the ball great until the end and couple of iron shots here and there but I was chipping and putting great. That's -- some of his wins were like that and I'm very proud of it today.

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