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May 20, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Irving, Texas

Q. Sergio, not quite as explosive as yesterday but you seem pretty pleased with your play here in the 2nd Round to put you in a great position for the weekend.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah. I think I played very well. Hit a lot of fairways and greens. Gave myself some -- maybe not as close as yesterday. Gave myself some good chances and, I don't know, the greens might have been a little bit quicker than yesterday, obviously a little bit bumpier in the afternoon.

I seemed to misread a lot of putts low but other than that, I felt like I hit some good putts that maybe had a chance of going in, which they didn't. I'm happy with my round.

Q. How about your grade on the ball-striking through two days?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's good. Just need no bogies in two rounds which is great. I'm not sure I've ever done that. I'm excited about that. And I need to keep doing more of the same thing and I should be up there on Sunday.

Q. We know this is a special tournament for you. Back in '99 on American soil your first professional event and you shoot 62 in the 1st Round back in '99. You were much younger. You're wiser now. How do you feel about the weekend?
SERGIO GARCIA: I don't know about wiser. Definitely younger. I'm excited about it. Obviously, like I said, I feel like I'm playing fairly well and if I'm able to control myself out there on the course like I did the first two days, I should be in good shape for the weekend.

Q. Sergio Garcia, bogey-free through 36 holes.
What does that say about the quality of your game that you've been able to keep the bad numbers off the scorecard?

SERGIO GARCIA: Well, it just says that obviously played nicely first two rounds and I made a couple nice par putts when I had to. So, you know, overall it's been good. It's been a very solid first two days and I'm excited about doing more of the same this weekend.

Q. This golf course has been renovated since you won here but yet there has to still be a comfort level here. What is your comfort level in playing at a golf course where you've won before?
SERGIO GARCIA: Definitely helps. No doubt it brings back good memories and that's not going to change, even if they redo the course. Lot of looks are still the same so that doesn't change.

Q. The outlook and strategy for this weekend is?
SERGIO GARCIA: Same thing. Keep playing well, keep trying to get as many pars as possible. Hit it on the green. Give myself chances. I do that, I feel like I'm rolling the ball nicely with the putter, I can make some putts and it should be good time.

Q. You've obviously played Oakmont before. Two good rounds here and two more to go. Can that help you in some way as you point towards going back to Oakmont?
SERGIO GARCIA: Sure. Confidence is always great and confidence always helps. It is a different week and we know how difficult Oakmont is but playing well going into it, it definitely helps on the psyche and that's the plan for the next two days.

Q. How was your day today?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was great. It was good. I felt like I hit a lot of good shots. Gave myself a lot of good chances for birdies. Unfortunately, I misread some putts, but I feel like I hit good putts but other than that it was good.

Q. You really like this place.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I definitely do. I've done well here early in my career and obviously winning in 2004 so it's always exciting to come back here and play well.

Q. How have you been able to keep the bogies off the card this week?
SERGIO GARCIA: I played well. I hit a lot of greens, I think. The three, four I missed I hit some good chips and I made one long par putt on 17 yesterday so, you know, I've been fortunate in that aspect. I'm excited to do more of the same and have a chance on Sunday.

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