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April 9, 2016

Danny Willett

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Kind of been a reoccurring theme the last couple days where guys walk off the course because maybe you think you didn't get the best out of your round, but later in the day you look up at the leaderboard and you're still in it.
DANNY WILLETT: Well, yeah, I think we're obviously the third or fourth last group. So it's not going to change a great deal.
There's a couple of tricky pins coming in, 16 in particular. You can knock it reasonably close on 15, but 16's a bit smelly.
And obviously 17 and 18, if you get the wind wrong, it can always jump up.
So, yeah, I'm expecting to kind of stay five or six, which means that we're five or six back going into the last day, in with a reasonable chance, but you're going to have to do something special.

Q. Pete Cowan, I was talking to him the other day, and he said you're one of the better wind players he has. One of the best. So how comfortable are you in these conditions and if the wind doesn't blow tomorrow, what do you think you can get out of your game?
DANNY WILLETT: Yes, I think that it helps around this place. Obviously, it's been blowing a lot, you got to control your ball flight. We have done that pretty good for the most part this week.
But this golf course, even if you're hitting it really well, you still got to make putts on these greens. Obviously crosswinds and fast greens, it's never easy. So, the golf course has firmed up day by day so, hopefully, tomorrow if the wind does die, we can still keep the control of the ball flight and hopefully roll a few in.

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