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April 7, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Augusta, Georgia

Q. All those birdies.
SERGIO GARCIA: No, it was good. I got on a good stretch there. I felt like I played well all day. I just had a couple mess‑ups with the putter early on. A couple 3‑putts and stuff like that. But I hit a lot of good shots. I was quite aggressive. So, I was happy with that. And then I just had to wait for the right time for things to get going my way and fortunately for me it kind of happened from the 9th hole onwards.

Q. Well done. You say "aggressive." I know at THE PLAYERS a couple years ago you said that when you come to Augusta you see so many different options of shots. So how does that play into these next three days into kind of managing that?
SERGIO GARCIA: We'll see. It's obviously the first day and it all depends on the weather, too. So if it stays windy like this, it's going to be tough. So just got to try to be as comfortable as possible. Obviously, on 18, I wasn't that comfortable with the shot I wanted to hit, but I managed to get away with it.

Q. You looked pretty comfortable with some of the shorter putts later on like 17, some of the shorter conversions there. How does that play into these next couple days and just being on a roll?
SERGIO GARCIA: Everything. It's obviously important to get a good feeling and good rhythm with every single part of your game. But every day is a new day.

Q. You had a good run in 2003, you were up early with Darren Clarke, with really tough conditions, wind, some rain as well. Did the conditions of that change the way you play this course at all? Does it make you more comfortable at all?
SERGIO GARCIA: I've always liked it the tougher the better. I think that plays to my strengths. But we'll see what happens the next few days. It's going to be interesting.

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