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March 23, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Austin, Texas

Q. Talk about the match?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was tough. Very difficult. This course is really tough when it's playing like this, with this wind, very gusty, changing direction all the time. So it's the kind of course you need to be on the right spots of the fairways to be able to hit some of the greens. In these conditions it becomes even tougher. It was a big up and down match, but I'm happy to come through with the win.

Q. You have a lot of history with Lee. You want to beat the man but he's a friend as well. Is it difficult to partition that?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, we're both trying to play well. It was some really good things in the match. There were some things that weren't that great. But the match was nice. It was nice to play. It was great spirits all the way. I just got really fortunate to come through with a win.

Q. (Inaudible.)
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, it was. It was very, very funny.

It was just a funny match, really up and down. He got on a great run and then the last three or four holes it was like he was making a birdie, I was making a birdie, he was making a birdie. Obviously I got fortunate on 13. I'm happy with the putt on 18 and happy to get the win.

Q. (Inaudible.)
SERGIO GARCIA: Very tough. It was a tight lie. But I had quite a lot of green. And it's just tough -- these greens are quite firm and quite fast, and it's difficult to get spin. I hit a good chip and it still went six or seven feet by. Fortunately I was able to make that.

Q. (Inaudible.)
SERGIO GARCIA: It was fine. The match was always -- we had great spirits. We were talking and laughing and joking around. It was nice to play with a guy that I know well. It's a tough golf course.

Q. You guys were going back and forth. What did you do on the back nine to keep a push away from Lee?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was tough. This course is very challenging and with this wind conditions they were all over the place, switching and very gusty. It's tough to hit the shots in the right places. Even if you do you still have really tough chips. Like you can see on 18. It looks like a simple chip for me, and you don't want to leave it 12 or 15 feet short, but you just hit it a little too hard. But I was very happy to be able to win. Obviously it wasn't the prettiest match. We did some really good things, and we did some things that weren't that great.

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