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March 13, 2016

Danny Willett

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. Inside a Top 25 right now, Danny. Another solid week. I guess as you reflect on all four rounds, would it be a case of missed opportunities on the greens for you, Danny?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah. You know, we had it going through there. Had many good chances on 10, 11 and 12, didn't make them. Then I think frustration kind of got in and that was it. Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed. Great golf course. Obviously tricky with the wind. Just didn't really fall on many good numbers and didn't take the opportunity to kind of put it up.

Q. 13, look at this, the bunker play, really your big standout of the last 18 months. Guys talked a lot about it.
DANNY WILLETT: Felt like I could probably have more chance of rolling it than putting it. Nearly did it. I had a joke with John and said putting it just as it was. I was close with it. So, one of them things.

Q. Absolutely. Now 14 look at obviously we're going to see the guys closing holes here at the Copperhead Course. Last par-5. There you go. Last par-5 on the golf course. How is it playing out there?
DANNY WILLETT: Tricky today. It's really, really strong out from the left, the wind. This corner here is 295 right on the corner and these trees are about 310. We hit it and just chipping an 8-iron down. Some of the guys get in it play, you kind of cutting it through with a 5-wood.

You're on the down slope from the front flag kind of downwind out of the left. Ideally you can take it really tight left off the tee and kind of knock it in there. It's a great chance at eagle.

If you get out of position it's a smelly flag. Obviously, under pressure, take it on, just knock it there and two-putt down the hill. Without the wind -- if the wind was out of the right it would be a hell of a lot easier. Out of the left makes it a little bit tricky.

Q. How gusty, how breezy is it out there? How tough is it?
DANNY WILLETT: It's changing. You don't mind the fact -- it's always that one side. It's not changing and swirling that much. It's the fact that it's up and down. One minute it can be playing 10 and next minute 20, next minute 5.

Really, you say, you look at the guys who are up there and you got to hit the right shots and good shots. You got to get pretty fortunate. You got to get it there.

No, I think 7-under is still leading. I think someone finishes 7, 6, they're going to be right in there with every chance.

Q. Week off before Match Play?
DANNY WILLETT: Week off. Make sure everything is all right. Hopefully the Match Play.

Q. Still staying calm. Thanks again.
DANNY WILLETT: All right. Thank you.

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