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February 28, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Q. Another solid week, you handled it like a champion.
SERGIO GARCIA: I hung in there as long as I could. The course was playing tough, different wind, which makes it very challenging. But you know, just a couple bad shots on a couple difficult holes, but Adam played great. I don't want to take anything away from him. He played really, really solid. I played with him the last two days, and he looked awesome.

You know, I know I can play better, that's the good thing. Without feeling like I was swinging that great, I still managed to have a chance, so I'm happy with that.

Q. You've been talking about your putting all week, trying out that new putter, how does it feel after four rounds in pretty tough conditions?
SERGIO GARCIA: It felt good. I felt like I hit some really good putts. Felt like I made a lot of good, important putts this week. I'm sure it's not going to happen every week but it's good to see it happen here and there. It gives you confidence, and if I can manage to feel a little bit more comfortable with my swing, that's the strength of my game, so if I can do that the way I chipped and putted this week, I have a chance of doing some good things.

Q. Excited about next week?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, yeah, we'll see how it goes.

Q. What's your assessment of how this final day played out?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was tougher. It wasn't easy out there. Obviously I'm not swinging that great. I managed to score very nicely throughout the whole week, and today was more of the same. I hit some good shots, but I didn't feel like I was firing on all cylinders like I would like to. But at the end of the day, you've got to realize that it is a very challenging golf course. It's difficult. The wind was blowing a different direction, which makes it tough because it's kind of like playing-new course. But Adam played great. I played with him the last two days. He played really, really good, really solid. He just missed a couple shots here and there, and he deserved to win.

Q. When things are just a bit off like that, how challenging is it to sort of stay on point and realize you're still in the tournament?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I mean, you are where you are. It doesn't mean that you're not trying as hard as you can. I'm still trying the best I can every single round, and some days are better than others, but you know, I take a lot of good things out of it. So hopefully I can build from it and have a good year.

Q. Curious about your shot on 16, what happened there, and what were you trying to do on the third one?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I hit a bad shot and you know, obviously it's a tough chip. I have to make sure that I hit it hard enough because if not, it comes back pretty much at my feet.

Obviously I got a little quick and but when you don't feel like you're swinging that great, in key moments, it's tough. It's tough.

But you know, I tried as hard as I could. I gave it everything I had and unfortunately just wasn't good enough.

Q. The putt on 16 there, was that just a little bit of a miss-read from too far outside?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I mean, I remember from the first day, obviously the pin was a little bit higher up, but the putts were breaking a lot. So I thought, just make sure you give it enough break because if not, it's a quick putt. I over-hit it, though. I didn't think it was going to be that quick a putt. But hit a nice one coming back and hit a good one put on 17. Thought I made that one. Unfortunately it didn't break left. But that's the way it is.

Q. Obviously you want this as badly as Adam did, you both talked about it yesterday, is there such a thing as wanting something too much and pressing a little bit --
SERGIO GARCIA: I guess you can overdo it sometimes. But no, I'm not going to lie, I'm happy with my week. I played horrible last week. I didn't feel like my game was -- obviously I played better this week but everything was like a little cut, a little cut. When I'm swinging well, I can hit cut, draws, everything. I didn't really feel like my draw was there this week.

A lot of tee shots and a lot of shots become a little bit tougher. So I can't be disappointed with it because without feeling great, I almost won. So it's still a good week.

Q. Was there a situation today on the range with you felt like you didn't have your game as much --
SERGIO GARCIA: No, the whole week.

Q. Can you change that midstream or is that something you have to work on between now and when you tee it up at Doral?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, it's just confidence. It's just confidence. It's feeling comfortable with what you're doing and feeling comfortable with feeling fluid when you do the swing, and it's just as simple as that. It comes and goes. I've had my moments where I've felt like I could hit any shot I wanted, and then I've gone through stretches where I've struggled a little bit more, but I think it happens to everyone.

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