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February 6, 2016

Danny Willett

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. A good score yesterday, and on Saturday, moving day, they call it, 65, how does that sound to you?
DANNY WILLETT: It was good. Played great golf today. Played really good yesterday and kept the foot down and could have been a couple better today in all fairness, but, yeah, delighted.

Q. Did you set yourself a goal today, a score, before you went out, just a normal day for you?
DANNY WILLETT: I don't think you really can, because if it blows, it can pick up any time and if the wind blows around here, it's not that simple. We are just going out there, trying to commit to some good golf shots. We got the feel on the greens again, missed a couple short ones early but saw a few more lines later in the round. Yeah, 65, great score.

Q. Now you're up into the pointy end of the World Rankings, you're in all the majors, you're in everything, and here you are conducting the orchestra at a fine golf championship like this. How does that feel? How much of a change has the last couple of years been for you?
DANNY WILLETT: It's been good. With all the injuries and stuff, we've kind of been working hard, doing the hard work in the gym and obviously changing the swing a little bit to kind of counter it, as well. It's all kind of coming together nicely. It's just nice to get results from it.

Q. Tonight is it out for a nice dinner? Do you go to the gym? What do you do now, and how much do you think about what you've got to do tomorrow?
DANNY WILLETT: I think if anyone says they don't think about it, they are lying. You think about it, you get into your head, you kind of go through scenarios, bad and good and try to even them out so that when you come out, regardless of what happens early or late on, you're ready for it. Yeah, I was going to go for a bit of food with my two brothers and relax.

Q. How often have you had two rounds of 65 back-to-back?
DANNY WILLETT: Doesn't happen that often. Just some great golf yesterday and today. Kept the ball under fantastic control with some crosswinds, hit it in there close. Did everything right really. A couple hiccups in there today where it could have been a little different and kept the head on and kept moving forward.

Q. You have had so many good rounds of golf over the last couple of years, so how does this compare this week with your best play?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it's good. I think mentally, I feel like I'm very much in control of myself, which obviously helps. And swing-wise, I've kind of got a few things that I'm trying to do. And you know, I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible and let the mind kind of be a little bit calmer, and, yeah, it seemed to be working so far.

Q. Some special moments so far, but talk us through the putt at 13, wasn't very long.
DANNY WILLETT: It was good. We came off the first obviously bogey in two days on 12, playing pretty tricky today, a couple yards off the fairway and you're struggling to reach the green. Come off a silly five there and two 5-woods, a little bit of a different story to Thursday when we bounced off the rocks. We hit a good one today to like 25, 30 feet, maybe a little bit more.

Again, got down and saw a pretty good line straightaway, and on these greens, you've got to go with your instincts really and trust it and obviously put a good stroke on it.

Q. How do you regard this tournament, presumably been going on for so long, you've grown up watching it?
DANNY WILLETT: It's a fantastic event. Obviously I remember watching it as a kid when there wasn't this much skyline behind. Tiger obviously coming here, Ernie winning a few times. It's a great golf event. I think the atmosphere around this golf course, I've said it before, is fantastic, second to none. There's little gathering areas around tee boxes and greens, and we get a lot of support.

Q. Does this make it one on the bucket list, one of those you really want to win?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it would be nice to win every single event that we play over the span of your career, but yeah, this would be special.

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