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February 4, 2016

James Allan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Tell us how you came about to get your start here this week?
JAMES ALLAN: I got my start through the MENA Tour, which is the Tour that runs around sort of Middle East and Morocco. I managed to win the Order of Merit for the amateurs and that gave me the chance to play here today.

Q. Great round, 69 today. What was it like on the course?
JAMES ALLAN: The course is fantastic. The greens are just amazing. I've never played on greens as fast as this, and I'm pleased with myself, how I've adapted to that. But I'm pleased to be in the position I am and just loving it, really.

Q. Not a brand new experience for you, because you did play here last year, but you've shot a great score today. What's it like to go out playing in fields with guys that you've grown up watching on the TV? What's that like?
JAMES ALLAN: It's amazing. It's what I've always wanted to do and it feels fantastic to be here. I'm loving the chance to play and enjoying just the whole atmosphere of the place. Just loving it.

Q. And reliably informed you made the elite squad for the England team, which is great news. Having seen how well you can compete with these guys out here, does that make you really want to jump forward and get into the professional ranks as soon as you can?
JAMES ALLAN: Of course I'm excited because it proves to me that my golf is capable of competing a little bit with these two guys. At the moment, I'm not rushing into anything. I'm enjoying my golf and I've got the your even nation's cup in a couple weeks. Excited to go there and see what happens after that.

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