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January 30, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Doha, Qatar

Q. You tell us first of all how the condition varied today from the other three?
SERGIO GARCIA: Quite similar to yesterday I think. Probably the wind a little bit stronger than yesterday but pretty similar to that. Course isn't playing easy obviously. If you play well, you can shoot a good score. But you have to be on.

Q. What are your reflections on your week here?
SERGIO GARCIA: Really happy with the first two days. Quite disappointed with the last two. I didn't feel like I played well enough -- well at all, pretty much, on the last two days. It's a bit of a shame because I felt really, really comfortable the first two days. I felt like I hit the ball really well, but the way I hit the ball on the weekend, it didn't feel that great.

Q. Looked like you were quite unfortunate on the greens, a lot of putts grazing the edge. We saw a change in grip today. What inspired that with the putter?
SERGIO GARCIA: I just wanted to try something different. Obviously I putt with a normal grip on the long putts, probably over 25, 30 feet. But I just wanted to go the whole way today because I haven't felt great this week with the claw. It actually worked better. I made some good putts. I was quite good and quite confident on the short ones. So overall, it was good. We'll see if it holds up.

Q. Just finally, looking forward to a year where we've got a condensed major championship schedule and of course the Olympics. What would that mean to represent your country in the Olympics?
SERGIO GARCIA: It would be amazing. I'm really excited about it. I'm just hoping to keep playing well, to stay healthy and be a part of that. Because you know, for me personally, I know that some of the guys have said different things, but for me personally as a sportsman that loves sports and loves the Olympics, I think it's something that we are not going to have many chances of doing. So you know, if I get at least once, it would be amazing.

I was very happy with the first two days. Very disappointed with the last two. I felt very comfortable with the way I was swinging the first couple of days and I just didn't really have it on the last two. You know, a little bit disappointed with that obviously but you know, if you look at it that way, I guess where we're going to finish is not too bad. Probably Top-12, Top 15. Without feeling great on the weekend, I guess not too bad at all.

Q. Was there still the sense that over the last remaining holes here, you could still have put the pressure on the others?
SERGIO GARCIA: Not really. I wasn't playing well enough to do it. Everything needed to go straight according to plan today and unfortunately it didn't. I hit a couple bad shots on the back nine and it cost me a couple bogeys. I needed to shoot at least 6- or 7-under today, and that kind of went away when I didn't birdie 10 from around the green and then made bogey on 12 and 13.

Q. Given that it's so early in 2016, how many positives do you take from a foundation like this?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, like I said, the first two days, I saw a lot of good things game-wise, the last two days, not so many. I felt like I putted nicely today with a little different grip. We'll see. Still a long year to go. Hopefully it gets better.

Q. That bit of a different grip, is that working nicely then?
SERGIO GARCIA: It worked today. We'll see.

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