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January 28, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Doha, Qatar

Q. Pleased with today?
SERGIO GARCIA: I definitely got a little bit more for sure. But I still hit probably from the 17th hole onward, I hit six really good putts that looked like they were going in and they didn't. I ended up making a bomb on 8, but you know, obviously it could have been a little bit better, but it was good. The wind started to pick up on the back nine and started to become a bit trickier.

Q. Let's go back to the 8th hole, a bomb you did hole, a great putt, but the celebration. It's been a while since I've had a night out with you; have you been working on those dance moves?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I don't know if they were dance moves. They were like jabs, you know (laughing). Yeah, when we got to the 9th tee, I said to my caddie and to the guys, I said that celebration I think is going to look a little bit funny on TV.

Q. People always think when the wind is blowing, it's all about how difficult it's going to be hitting the shots. What are the added difficulties with putting when the wind picks up like it has?
SERGIO GARCIA: It's definitely challenging because there's a lot of putts that you have to take the wind into account. You know, if it's gusting, it might make you look silly. You might think it's going to push it right if the wind is left-to-right and then it stops and then it doesn't and then you miss the hole by a foot from ten feet. So it is tricky. But difficult for everybody I guess, so you've just got to keep it as consistent as possible.

Q. Seemed like a good break this morning but it is going to blow harder tomorrow. How do you prepare for really strong winds?
SERGIO GARCIA: Same thing. You try to play within yourself, obviously keep the ball down, which I know I can do. And just be patient. Be patient because it's not going to be easy for everybody, and you might have some not-so-great moments. But if you keep your patience, you should be okay.

Any time you shoot under par, it's good. Even though my finish wasn't great yesterday, I was still happy with the beginning. Today I played really nicely. I think I hit every green. But yeah, it was another good round, so just got to try to do more of the same on Friday, Saturday.

Q. Still a weekend in this part of the world, and certainly there was cause for celebration on plenty of holes, but the 8th in particular.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I had a really good front nine. Felt like I played well on the back when it was getting tougher; the wind was picking up. A lot of putts burned the edge, and finally I made a bomb on 8. The one you don't expect it make it the one that I made. It was a little bit of surprise, so I didn't know what to do.

Q. Are you going to patent that trademark move?
SERGIO GARCIA: I don't know, it just came out and I actually thought about it when I got to the next tee, and I thought, that might look a little funny. But anyway, hopefully it doesn't look too bad.

Q. You mentioned the wind. Probably a little bit kinder than we thought it would be, isn't it?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely. It was funny, because when we got here this morning, early morning, it was blowing quite a bit and then for some reason, it kind of stopped a little bit. It slowed down a lot. Front nine, it was a little bit of breeze, not too bad, quite comfortable. And then when we got on the back nine, it started blowing, probably from the 18th hole onward. So that's when it started to get a little bit tougher. You know, we'll see what the rest of the afternoon brings.

Q. Presumably makes it more important to get that low round and into this lovely position, isn't it?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I guess so. I think it was a good morning to have a nice round. Obviously the greens in the morning roll a bit better. So we were able to take advantage of that.

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